abdominoplasty in turkey

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal stretching, commonly known as, tummy tuck surgery is becoming popular every day and the demand to get this procedure done has increased considerably in recent years. Today it is one of the widely preferred cosmetic surgeries.

Thigh Lift in Turkey

Thigh Lift

The development of technology has played a serious role in the solution of every complaint within aesthetic operations. Thigh lift is becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgery after breast augmentation, tummy tuck, arm lift, liposuction operations.

rhinoplasty in istanbul turkey1


In rhinoplasty, 2 different methods are practiced, these are internal and external methods. In rhinoplasty operations performed with external technique, there is a possibility of a small scar in the area where the incision is applied after the operation.

Lip Lift Surgery in turkey

Lip Lift Surgery

The most frequently asked question after lip lift surgery is whether there will be any restriction in lip movements after lip lift surgery. There is no restriction on lip movements after the first 48 hours after lip lift. It is recommended that it be a little more controlled for the first 48 hours.

facelift in turkey

Face Lift

Face lift surgery, which is generally preferred for aesthetic concerns, is also sometimes can be done for obligatory reasons. These facelift operations, which are carried out with aesthetic concerns, seem to be preferred in men as much as women.

eyelid surgery in turkey

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid aesthetic surgery, the technical name for Blepharoplasty, is the intervention to the sagging of the skin that loses its elasticity due to aging. Blepharoplasty is the operation in which the excess tissue on top is removed and the eye area is tightened.

ear reshaping in turkey

Ear Reshaping

The method that is going to be performed varies in cosmetic ear operations in accordance with the process. In some cases, cartilage tissue is treated with an incision made between the ear, while in some cases, ear shaping, called rasping, is performed.

breast uplift in turkey

Breast Uplift

Breast lifting is the process of removing excess skin in breast area, tightening and compressing the tissues in the breasts and reshaping the breast and nipple area that is deformed in time in order to provide a lifted and aesthetic appearance.

breast reduction in turkey

Breast Reduction

Breast related surgeries are one of the most common type of operations preferred by women. When it comes to breast related surgeries, they can be breast enhancement, breast reduction and breast lift operations that can be performed separately or together.

breast enlargement in turkey

Breast Enlargement

Breast surgeries are categorized as breast enhancement, breast reduction, or breast lift. Breast surgeries are mostly performed due to aesthetic concerns. Breasts are accepted as the most important element that ensures the integrity in physical appearance.

brazilian butt lift in turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift

Women need a full butt for making their bodies look more attractive and curvier. Thanks to the Brazilian butt lift inspired by Brazilian women’s butt, you can get attractive changes in your butt. Applied with the fat removed from the patient’s own body,

arm lift in turkey

Arm Lift

One of the most frequently asked questions about sagging on the arms is; does working out fix this problem? Firstly, it should be known that sports activities are important in fit appearance, healthy way of life fat and balancing the fat and muscles in body.

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