What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

In today’s conditions, the development of technology has played a serious role in the solution of every complaint within aesthetic operations. Thigh lift is becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgery after breast augmentation, tummy tuck, arm lift, liposuction operations.

Thigh Lift in Turkey Istanbul

Patients can prefer to get a thigh lift operation for many reasons. Achieving the desired look with thigh lift surgery especially in sudden weight gain and loss and sagging in skin due to aging has become possible. Skin sensitivity, especially in the area indicated as the upper leg is remarkably high, therefore, sagging and cracking after weight loss is quite common. Thigh lift operation also a solution for the sagging on the upper leg skin after sudden weight loss or leg skin sagging seen in post-pregnancy periods.

Cosmetic operations in Turkey almost all provide 100% satisfaction, we as Estenbul Health in Istanbul will answers all your questions about thigh lift surgery. Turkey’s success in all the aspects of plastic surgery all over the globe in recent years has become a topic to talk about and thigh lift operations in general has achieved extensive success in this regard. Located among the metropolises of the world, the success about tummy tuck operations of many clinics and specialist physicians in Istanbul are also generating many success stories that are increasing by the day.

Skin sagging on the legs is a result of friction on the legs causing rashes, aging, weight gain or loss or pregnancy. Both men and women can prefer to get this operation done.

Thigh lift surgery can also be used as a complementary operation to liposuction treatment. The goal of leg lift surgery is to remove the excess skin that is causing the sagging on the leg.

How long does leg stretch surgery take?

The duration of the operation for thigh lift surgery varies from patient to patient although after the first examination it will be easier to determine how long it will take. If there is going to be a combined operation along with thigh lift surgery, this will increase the duration. It is possible to say leg lift alone is an operation that can take up to 3 hours.

Since thigh lift operation is also a surgical intervention, professional health institutions and specialist physicians in this field should be consulted. Turkey provides successful results in the field of thigh lift aesthetic operations, we as Estenbul Health are providing this service in Istanbul with our specialist physicians.

Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey

After Thigh Lift Surgery

Although thigh lift surgery is a surgical operation, recovery period is much faster and easier compared to other surgical interventions.

The most important thing is to avoid intense and rapid movements or activities in the first two weeks after thigh lift surgery.

As it is recommended after many cosmetic surgical interventions, patients should wear a corset for an average of 2 to 4 weeks.

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There is almost always some edema, pain and bruising and after all surgical operations and the same goes for thigh lift surgery. It is important to do the directions of the physicians who are experts in the field and it is recommended to use drugs and antibiotics recommended by the doctor.

Edema and bruising after the operation will heal on its own in given time. In order to speed up the process regarding edema, it is possible to seek support from a specialist.

Patients need to wait for an average of 2 or 3 days to take a bath and shower after thigh lift surgery.

It is necessary for patients to take a break from sports activities for an average of 4 to 6 weeks.

Resting regularly for the first week is recommended after thigh lift surgery and it is especially important that the suture area must be protected.

As with any surgical intervention, smoking and alcohol use for after the 2 to 4 weeks after thigh lift surgery will slow down and have an adversely effect on the healing process.

Patients who are going to have a leg lift operation must inform their doctors if they have any chronic diseases or regularly used medicine during the examination.

Who can have Thigh Lift Surgery?

  • Patients with sagging leg skin after rapid weight gain and loss
  • People with skin sagging in the leg area due to aging
  • People with sagging and cracks in the leg area after pregnancy
  • People with sagging in the leg area due to genetically tissue laxity and health conditions
  • Anyone who does not have a problem to interfere with thigh lift surgery
Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey

Thigh Lift Surgery Prices 2022

Depending on the amount of sagging in the leg, the fat tissue in the leg, whether additional treatments will be applied or not, and the surgical technique chosen thigh lift surgery prices may vary.

The best way to find out the price for the thigh lift surgery is to plan an examination with a doctor to find the best treatment for you.

Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey

The procedures that are going to be performed for each case in thigh lift surgery are different from each other. There are multiple determinants affecting the price in these operations, such as the method that is going to be applied in surgery, which equipment that are going to be used, physician and hospital fees and whether there will be a combined operation along with thigh lift surgery affects the price directly.

Turkey is one of the most successful countries in this the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery and offer more successful results compared to other countries. However, it is not possible to give exact information for pricing since preliminary pricing for thigh lift operations are made by specialist physicians who determine the price based on examination and complications if there are any. Although many clinics seem to offer a fixed price, these prices are likely to change afterwards. Since each individual is different their thigh lift operation prices will be different, therefore, to offer a fixed price is both not possible and not right.

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