What is Breast Reduction?

In today’s world cosmetic surgeries are performed with beauty concerns but some operations can also be performed for essential reasons. There are many reasons to get cosmetic surgery such as the desire for the perfect body, the sense of beauty, perfectionism many more individual reasons can be listed.

Breast related surgeries are one of the most common type of operations preferred by women. When it comes to breast related surgeries, they can be breast enhancement, breast reduction and breast lift operations that can be performed separately or together.

As it is in breast enhancement operations many methods have been tried, however, the most permanent and healthy result for breast reduction operation is obtained with surgical interventions.

It is possible to say that when breasts are larger than they should be in accordance with the body lines there might be both physiological and psychological damage for the patient. For this reason, from past to present, many cosmetic companies have tried to take advantage of this situation by releasing “with products alleged to cause breast reduction”. This has caused many people to be disappointed.

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It is possible to say that having especially breasts larger than the body lines may cause problems and restrictions in daily life such as difficulty in choosing clothes, neck and shoulder pain.

Although breast augmentation operations are generally among the operations performed with aesthetic concerns when it comes to breast reduction, it is possible to list many other reasons.

Aesthetic operations in Turkey in almost all provide 100% satisfaction, we as Estenbul Health in Istanbul will answers all your questions about breast reduction surgery.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

The breast and body structure are made in proportion with breast reduction operations. Breast reduction operation is the removal of the extra breast tissue to a specified extent from the large breast.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia and it lasts between 2 to 4 hours on average.

Since breast reduction surgery is a surgical intervention performed with applying general anesthesia, this service must be obtained from professional health institutions and by specialist surgeons. As Estenbul Health we provide these services with our specialist surgeons for breast reduction surgery in Istanbul.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Who can get a breast reduction surgery?

  • People who think breast size is bigger than it should be
  • People whose breasts look larger than their body lines
  • In case of asymmetry in the breasts

What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?

  • Sagging caused by the large breasts and under breast rashes are prevented.
  • Neck and shoulder pains that occur when breasts are larger compared to body lines will end.
  • Unfortunately, large breasts cause limitations in many activities, the operation provides the freedom of movement.
  • Breasts that are larger than they should be and larger than body lines often cause difficulties when choosing clothes. It is a solution to this problem.
  • Prevention of nipple sagging
  • Preventing cervical disc hernia and similar diseases
Breast Reduction in Turkey

Recovery after breast reduction surgery

Staying at the for 1 day is generally recommended after breast reduction surgery.

The operated area is at maximum sensitivity for the first 2 weeks and protection of from impact and contact is important.

An average of 4 to 6 days of rest is recommended after breast reduction surgery.

You can take a shower at the end of the 3rd day after breast reduction surgery.

As it is after all surgical operations it is quite common to have edema, partial bruising and pain after the breast reduction surgery. In these cases, it is recommended that you use the painkiller and antibiotics prescribed by the physician regularly. Edema and swelling, on the other hand, may occur within 2 to 4 weeks and will descend on itself. This period can vary from person to person.

It is recommended to stay away from heavy sports and exercise for 4-8 weeks after breast reduction surgery.

It is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol consumption for a short time as it will prolong the duration.

Before breast reduction surgery

Although breast reduction operation is an aesthetic operation, it is also a surgical intervention so anesthesia will be given to the patient. Smoking and alcohol consumption should definitely be stopped before 2 weeks of breast reduction surgery. If the patient is regularly using medication, this information must be shared with the doctor.

Before the breast reduction surgery, the usage of blood diluent drugs should be suspended under the control of the physician.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Does breast reduction surgery have risks?

As it is in all surgical operations, there are some risks in breast related surgeries. However, thanks to the techniques and methods applied with the developing technology, these risks are currently reduced to a minimum. For this type of aesthetic operations, you must be an expert in the field and experienced physicians should be preferred for this service. It is very important to intervene immediately in possible complications after the operation is done as well. Although rare, there is a risk of infection after the breast reduction surgery. Therefore, before and after the operation sterilization and protection are particularly important. After breast reduction surgery swelling and bruising are not included in the risk group because they are temporary situations.

Is it possible for non-surgical breast reduction?

It has become possible for non-surgical breast augmentation with filling or fat injections in breast operations, but when it comes to breast reduction, permanent results are obtained by surgical operations.

Although many methods of breast reduction have been tried without surgical intervention, unfortunately the desired results were not achieved. One of the most frequently asked questions on this subject is; by Is it possible to shrink the breasts with exercising? First of all, exercise programs are mostly programs focused on fat burning and muscle building. 

Plastic Surgery in Turkey | Breast Reduction

With regular exercise a healthy life and a fit appearance is obtainable, but unfortunately it is not possible to reduce the size of the breasts. The result will not be the shrinkage of the breasts but the loss of its fullness. Although the appearance will change, it will not be permanent and as a result sagging is likely to occur. This is also the case with general diet applications, although there is a shrinkage in the breasts in parallel with the weight loss in the body, the disproportion will not go away. That’s why the healthiest and most permanent result is possible with breast reduction surgery.

Is there a scar left after breast reduction surgery?

Depending on the technique used in breast reduction surgery, there may be small marks around the nipple circumference and horizontal incision marks under the nipple or under the breast. If the service is provided by a specialist surgeon, stich marks and scars will be minimal. It is possible to see that the scars lose their clarity over time after the operation.

Who are not eligible for a breast reduction surgery?

As with all surgical interventions, the patient’s disease history and chronic diseases are decisive for their suitability. This can be determined in the first examination by the physician before surgery.

In general, whether if patients with advanced heart disease, advanced diabetes and blood pressure patients, patients with a high level obesity can have breast reduction surgery can be determined after the examination.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

As it is in all surgical interventions, the first question patients ask about breast reduction surgery are ; ‘How much are breast reduction surgery prices?”, “What are the prices of breast reduction surgery?” or “What are the prices of breast reduction surgery in Istanbul?”

In breast reduction surgery pricing, as in all other aesthetic operations, preliminary examination should be done, the operation to be performed during the examination, the duration of the operation, methods and equipment, hospital costs and physician examination fees should be taken into consideration.

In this type of operations, the operation costs are less important compared to the which experts will be conducting this operation and if they are experienced doctors.

The procedures to be performed in breast reduction operations vary from person to person. In some operations, breast lift or different combined procedures can be performed. For this reason, patients should not be deceived by advertising campaigns about pricing, ,t will be much better to get information in a meeting with the doctors.

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