What is Lip Lift?

Developing technology has begun to offer various solutions in the field of aesthetics and change the perception of beauty as in many other fields.

Turkey, a popular destination for aesthetic surgeries in, has launched serious success in lip lift operations in recent years. Success stories of many clinics and plastic surgeons about lip lift operations in Istanbul are increasing day by day.

Plastic Surgery | Lip Lift in Turkey Istanbul

One of the most preferred facial aesthetics by women is the lip lift which is an operation made especially for the upper lip. While lip lift operations are defined as lip augmentation, the most important feature of this operation is that it is performed without using any filling material.

Lip Lift provides a fuller look by lifting the lip upwards, while making the facial contours more pronounced.

Turkey’s success in this regard is announced to the four points of the world situation. Aesthetic operations in nearly all provide 100% satisfaction in Turkey in Istanbul.

Estenbul health answers all your questions about lip lift aesthetics.

Lip Lift operation is preferred by people who has a long distance between the nose and lips. The distance between the nose and lips is shorted with the lip lift operation and a fuller lips are obtained as a result without any fillers.

Lip Lift – What Is Lip Lift For?

  • Without using any fillers, lips become plump.
  • The required distance between the nose and upper lip is adjusted.
  • Especially, the upper teeth are made to appear more prominent.
  • Lips gain volume without the need for a different operation.
  • Facial asymmetry is eliminated, and a younger appearance is obtained.

Who Is Lip Lift Surgery For?

  • Those whose distance between the upper lip and nose is above the required size
  • Those who have permanent filling because their upper lip is thin
  • Those whose upper lip is longer than it should be
  • Those with ascites or introversion in the upper lip
  • Those who experience sagging lips due to aging
  • Those who have thin lips and cannot have filling can have a lip lift operation.
Lip Lift Surgery in Turkey

Healing After Lip Lift Surgery

As in all surgical interventions, partial bruising and swelling are common and expected in the first 3 days after lip lift surgery. In this process, it is recommended to apply a cold compress on the lips. The recovery time after lip lift varies from person to person, as in all other surgical operations.

In general, it is possible to say that the recovery period after lip lift aesthetics is between 1 week and 2 weeks. In this process, recovery will occur in the usual way. The most important detail in this operation, which leaves a vague scar at the end of the nose, is the service of professional hands.

The most frequently asked question after lip lift surgery is whether there will be any restriction in lip movements after lip lift surgery. There is no restriction on lip movements after the first 48 hours after lip lift. It is recommended that it be a little more controlled for the first 48 hours.

Since lip lift aesthetics is also a surgical intervention, service should be taken by professional health institutions and specialist physicians. Turkey Lips highly successful for lifting aesthetics, while Estenbul health in the field of surgery for lifting the lip service we offer our specialist physicians Istanbul.

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Is There An Age Limit In Lip Lift Surgery?

There is no age restriction in lip lift operation, as in most other aesthetic operations. However, in such aesthetic and surgical interventions, the decision of the people the giving process is important. It is particularly important to have good information about all processes before and after the operation. People who do not have any physical health problems can have a lip lift, that is, Lip Lift.

Lip Lift in Turkey | Plastic Surgery

How Is Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

Lip lift, also known as Lip Lift operations, aims to make the lips look more pronounced and fuller. Since no filling material is used, the appearance obtained is much more natural, and it is a much healthier operation.

10 to 15 mm is accepted for the ideal measure of the length between the lip and the nose. Although this measurement varies from person to person, the general features of the face are also based on. Lip lift aesthetics can be preferred due to many reasons. However, the reason why it is generally preferred is the lowness seen in the upper lip due to aging. Thanks to the lip lift aesthetics, it is possible to achieve a more religious and youthful appearance while reducing the distance between the nose and upper lip.

Lip Lift Surgery Before After

How Lip Lip Lift Surgery Takes?

Depending on the operation and other combined procedures to be performed with the operation, lip lift surgery times may vary from person to person. However, in general, lip lift operations take between 45 and 60 minutes. You can have long-lasting raised lips in 45 minutes.

How Much Does The Lip Lift Surgery Cost?

Lip lift surgery prices are a situation where you can get different prices due to the experience of the doctor who will perform your surgery, local anaesthesia, or the fact that it will be performed in a hospital environment, but it should be decided whether you are suitable or not beforehand.

Cost Of Lip Lift Surgery

Lip lift surgery prices vary depending on whether additional treatments will be performed or not, and the surgical technique chosen. For the healthiest lip lift lip lift surgery prices, a doctor’s examination and the necessary planning should be done well.

Thanks to the developing technology, there are many curious questions about lip lift aesthetics, which is among the most preferred aesthetic operation of today. But this is the beginning of the question, ‘What are the prices in Turkey aesthetic lip lift?’ ‘What is the 2022 Istanbul lip lift surgery prices’ aesthetic lip lift prices in 2022′ shaped.

Lip Lift in Turkey

The procedures to be applied for each case in lip lift aesthetic surgeries may be different from each other. There are multiple determinants in these operations that affect the price of the operation. The method to be applied in lip lift surgery, the equipment to be used, the physician and hospital fees that will perform the operation, and whether it will be a combined operation with the lip lift surgery directly affects the price.

You get served by specialist physicians in the field of professional health institutions in Turkey, you wonder about the aesthetics of lip lift can contact us to get an appointment for a free pre-examination to ask everything.