What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening; is the process for restoring the teeth which are colored, stained or lost whiteness due being yellow at birth or reasons such as tea-coffee, smoking, antibiotics, root canal treatment or accident, etc. to their natural whiteness by laser method using peroxide agents. Success rate of teeth whitening methods which is preferred by people who are not comfortable with the color of their teeth and wish to have a bright smile is 96%. Degree and effect time of the whiteness achieved vary from person to person.

teeth whitening in turkey

How is teeth whitening process applied?

For teeth whitening process, our experts first clean your teeth and identify their natural color. Then, the active agent with peroxide, which ensures whitening, is applied to the teeth and hardened by laser method for 15 minutes. This process is repeated three times. Teeth on which whitening process is implemented usually preserve their whiteness for 3 months to 4 years depending on the person’s daily habits (cigarette, tea-coffee addiction, etc.). Whitening process can be repeated every 6 months or once a year based on the person’s request. Repeating the whitening process within this duration before the teeth return to their previous color ensures that the whiteness achieved is longer lasting.

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