What is Face Lift?

One of the most preferred and the fastest operation that gives results in facial cosmetic surgery applications is face lift.

It is possible to see wrinkles, deep scars and deformations on our skin in time due to many reasons. Many reasons can cause our skin to lose its radiance and tension such as the sun, signs of aging, deep wrinkles, stress or an unhealthy diet.

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Even if we are on a healthy diet and regularly protect our skin from the sun, unfortunately it is not possible to maintain a completely flawless skin therefore, the demand for the facelift surgical interventions is increasing. the skin begins to lose its elasticity especially due to aging-related issues and the fat tissue decrement, so wrinkles and lines are likely to appear.

Face lift surgery, which is generally preferred for aesthetic concerns, is also sometimes can be done for obligatory reasons. These facelift operations, which are carried out with aesthetic concerns, seem to be preferred in men as much as women.

Is there an age limit in face lift surgery?

There is no age limit specified or recommended for facelift surgery. The loss of elasticity of the skin can vary from person to person, regardless of age. For some people, face lift aesthetics may be preferred after the age of 30. In some people, facelift surgery can be performed at a later or earlier age depending on the skin structure. It can be preferred at all ages if the people who will have a face lift surgery do not have a health problem that prevents this operation.

Who is Face Lift Surgery Applied?

The success of the talk about plastic surgery in recent years all the world’s success in Turkey is undertaking serious face lift operations. Success stories of many clinics and specialist physicians about face lift operations are increasing day by day in Istanbul, which is among the metropolitan cities of the world. Facelift surgery is usually performed on people over the age of 40 because it is an operation performed as a result of the loss of elasticity of the skin. 

Face Lift in Turkey

In some cases; It can also be applied to younger and older people, as the skin can deform earlier and lose its elasticity due to stress, irregular diet, smoking or alcohol use, and genetic reasons. Individuals who are not satisfied with the appearance of the skin and who are uncomfortable with wrinkles and fine lines may have face lift aesthetics. In addition, people with sagging skin, dense pits around the eyes, excessive fat on the face and related symptoms may prefer face lift surgery.

How Long is The Permanent Period of Face Lift Surgery?

One of the most curious and frequently asked questions after and before facelift surgery is ‘How long is the permanence period of facelift aesthetics” Operation in this type of aesthetic interventions if the protection is done correctly and the operation is carried out by professional people, It is possible to say that it lasts for 10 years. Although this period varies from person to person, a healthy diet, a stress-free life, regular sleep, many factors, such as regular sports, face lift and many other aesthetic surgical interventions positively affects its duration.

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Otherwise, irregular diet, irregular sleep, heavy alcohol and cigarette consumption, A distant lifestyle will minimize the duration of this operation. Therefore only Unfortunately, it is wrong to expect permanence due to the operation. Post-facelift surgery specialist It is important to consider their referrals and to maintain their living standards at the maximum level.

What should Be Considered Before Face Lift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is a surgical intervention performed for aesthetic purposes and is used in all surgical interventions. As it is, there is a preparatory stage before the operation. Before facelift surgery, a physician should use aspirin and similar drugs that increase the risk of bleeding. control should be interrupted and again, vitamins and herbal teas that dilute blood should be avoided. Facelift surgery because it directly affects the healing after the face lift operation. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped for an average of 2 weeks beforehand.

Is There A Scar After Face Lift Surgery?

It is possible to have mild scars after face lift surgery. These scars in order to minimize it, it is important to get service from professional people in the field. In this regard, professional physicians are concerned about camouflaging these scars and keeping them at a minimum. They will operate correctly. Scars after face lift operation usually in non-obvious points, around the ears or in the hairy areas. It is quite possible to camouflage it. Full compliance with the doctor’s instructions after the operation and with the right protection, it is possible to minimize these marks. Since facelift aesthetics is a surgical intervention performed by applying anesthesia, it is absolutely services should be obtained in professional health institutions and by specialist physicians. Turkey faces while giving very successful results in stretching aesthetics, as Estenbul Health, Istanbul. We provide services with our specialist physicians for stretching aesthetics.

What Should Be Considered After Face Lift Surgery?

After facelift surgery, as in all surgical interventions, edema, swelling and bruises is an expected situation to be seen. It is recommended not to take a shower for the first 2 days after the operation. You can take a shower at the end of the 2nd day. Occasional numbness in the face area after face lift aesthetics can be experienced. It is recommended that contact be minimal for the first 2 weeks after the operation. While it is recommended to stay away from heavy activities for the first month after facelift surgery, It is important to stop smoking and alcohol consumption because it affects them. 

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The swelling and bruising will begin to heal spontaneously within an average of 2 weeks. Face Return to normal life after resting for an average of 2 weeks in people with stretching surgery they can.

Face Lift Aesthetics Prices 2023

One of the most curious issues for everyone who wants to have face lift aesthetics; ‘Face lift How aesthetic? ” Turkey face lift surgery, ” Turkey aesthetic face lift prices, ” Istanbul faces there are questions such as “stretching surgery prices”. First of all, it should be known that such operations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear figure due to special planning. Which method will be used for the person, a different aesthetic operation is performed together with the facelift aesthetics. the amount of skin sagging in the area where facelift surgery will not be performed, facelift The width of the area to be aesthetized and whether there will be fat removal in the face area. There is a determining factor.

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