What Is Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to facial aesthetics, Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanded operations.

So, what is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed to reshape the nose. Rhinoplasty can be done for many reasons such as correction of deformities caused by accidents, correction of the bony nose structure, aesthetically adapting the noses according to facial symmetry, and sometimes nasal aesthetics may be required as a result of some health problems. Rhinoplasty is among the most preferred aesthetic operations by both women and men.

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How Long Does Rhinoplasty Operation Take?

The duration of rhinoplasty operation varies according to the procedure and the methods to be applied. Some Rhinoplasty operations such as small corrections and revisions are carried in a small-time frame of 90-90 minutes, on the other hand, more complicated operations may take 120-150 minutes on the average.

Before the operation, the specialist gives the patient a preliminary information about the operation, methods to be used at the operation as well as duration of it. Unless an unexpected situation occurs, the operation is completed within estimated time frame.

Is There An Age Limit For Rhinoplasty Nose Aesthetics?

The primary criterion for nasal surgeries called rhinoplasty is that the bone development has reached a sufficient level. Bone development continues until the age of approximately 17 in women and 18 in men. For this reason, rhinoplasty, or nose aesthetics, is generally applied to people over the age of 18. In addition, the process of deciding on rhinoplasty is an important process both emotionally and physically. Therefore, to decide on Rhinoplasty; The ages when decision-making ability develops should be preferred and should not be hasty. Nasal aesthetic surgery is not recommended much, except for the essential conditions that affect health before these age ranges.

Plastic Surgery | Rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

Will There Be Any Scars After Rhinoplasty Nose Aesthetics?

In rhinoplasty, 2 different methods are practiced, these are internal and external methods. In rhinoplasty operations performed with external technique, there is a possibility of a small scar in the area where the incision is applied after the operation. This incision made during the operation is in the least visible part of the nose and these scars are not visible unless looked carefully. These scars that can occur after rhinoplasty operations are usually so small that will not disturb the person. In addition, since the incisions made in closed nose surgeries, which is the other method applied there is no scar left. The method to be applied in nose surgeries and whether the operation will be performed with open or closed technique is determined by the specialist who will perform the operation. Determining the method suitable for the needs of the person is one of the most important stages. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the physicians preferred for rhinoplasty are experts and experienced in their field.

For What Reasons Are Nose Aesthetics Performed?

There are two important reasons for rhinoplasty operations. While rhinoplasty is necessary for the general health condition in some cases, it can also be preferred due to aesthetic concerns.

Sinusitis is the most common condition that requires nose surgery in terms of health. In addition to the sinus, nasal surgery may be necessary due to reasons such as nasal concha and deviation.

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The reasons why nose surgery is preferred for aesthetic concerns.

  • Low tip of the nose
  • Smaller nose compared to facial structure and enlarged nose
  • The nose is larger than the facial structure and the nose is reduced
  • Congenital arch in the nose
  • The distance between the nose and upper lip is longer or shorter than it should be
  • Curved nose
  • The nostrils being larger or smaller than the facial structure and nose
  • Asymmetrical nostrils

The Importance Of Hospital And Doctor Choice In Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty has become quite common today. Rhinoplasty can be performed in many aesthetic centres, hospitals and polyclinics. One of the most important steps in nose surgery is to choose the right hospital and physician. It is important to get service from a well-equipped health institution so that the complications that may occur after the operation can be intervened immediately.

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The choice of the physician who will perform the nasal aesthetics is also particularly important. Unfortunately, it is possible to get unwanted results after nasal aesthetic surgeries performed by experts who are not experts in their fields and who are not experienced in their field.

For this reason, it is recommended to be careful and to do good research in the selection of the specialist who will perform rhinoplasty surgery.

Which Techniques Are Used In Nose Operations?

Two different methods are applied in rhinoplasty operations, namely external rhinoplasty and inner rhinoplasty.

The method of application and the reasons for applying both methods are different from each other. Here, the method to be applied to the patient is determined by the specialist physician after the preliminary analysis examination.

External Rhinoplasty

External nose aesthetics are generally applied in advanced deformation, bone problems or preferred operations after Rhinoplasty operations that have failed in the past.

In external nose surgeries, a small incision is made at the bottom of the nose at the level of the nostrils. It enables the physician to perform the operation. Although it is a general concern that there will be scars after external nose surgery, this scar is very minimal. And over time, its visibility decreases almost negligibly due to improvement.

Recovery After External Rhinoplasty

As it is known, bruising and oedema in the area where the operation is performed after each surgical operation is a normal and expected situation. Bruising and oedema can be seen in the area after external nose aesthetics. It will be seen that the bruising will return to normal within an average of 2 weeks and the oedema will gradually decrease in about 4 weeks. In some cases, this period is shorter, in some cases it may be longer. In this process, the physician’s instructions should be taken into consideration and the post-operative protection should be at the maximum level.

Internal Nose Aesthetics

Internal rhinoplasty is generally preferred in operations such as low nasal tip, elimination of asymmetries in the nostrils, correction of nose and lip distance or correction of trapeziums on the back of the nose.

In external rhinoplasty operations, incisions are made through the nose and surgical interventions are performed from the inside of the nose. In internal nose surgeries, there is no possibility of scarring after the operation. The recovery time is much shorter compared to external rhinoplasty operations.

Recovery After Internal Nose Surgery

One of the biggest advantages of internal nose surgeries is that the speed of returning to normal life after the operation is short. In external nose surgeries, advanced bruising and oedema are seen, and the recovery time is between 4 weeks and 12 weeks on average. In internal nose surgeries, it is possible to see that the bruising and oedema healing time varies from person to person, as in all operations, usually within 1 week. Returning to normal life is possible after about 2 weeks.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Aesthetics?

  • It is recommended to lie down in an upright position for the first week after rhinoplasty operation.
  • Spray should be used for nasal cleaning or cleaning with a cotton swab after nasal surgery. In this cleaning phase, attention should be paid to the doctor’s guidance and no blowing should be performed.
Plastic Surgery | Rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul
  • It is not recommended to use glasses for an average of 8 weeks after rhinoplasty. If glasses are mandatory, lenses should be preferred.
  • It is important to pay attention to nutrition after nasal aesthetics. Especially in this process, healthy and regular nutrition directly affects the recovery rate.
  • Smoking and alcohol use is an issue that every healthy individual should avoid. After nasal aesthetics and all surgical operations, it becomes much more important. Cigarettes and alcohol
  • Since its use prolongs the healing process, it is important to stay away for the first 8 weeks after nasal surgery.
  • Maximum care should be taken when brushing teeth after rhinoplasty and teeth should be brushed with soft movements as possible.

What Are The Prices Of Rhinoplasty?

The most frequently asked questions for “rhinoplasty”, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations including women and men; “What are the rhinoplasty prices?” “What are the 2022 rhinoplasty prices” “The nose surgery prices are 2023”. It is unfortunately not possible to give a clear price for nasal aesthetic operations.The method to be applied in each case in nose aesthetics is different from each other. There are many factors that determine the price in nose surgeries. Among them, many factors such as the method used in the operation, the equipment to be used, the physician who will perform the operation and the hospital where the operation will be performed, whether there will be hospitalization or not play a role in determining the price. It is not possible to say that cost-effective rhinoplasty operations are unsuccessful or give bad results, but the quality of the service received before pricing is important in such aesthetic operations. Specialist physicians and professional health institutions should be preferred. You can contact us for more detailed information about rhinoplasty and free analysis examination.

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