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What Are FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Process?

what are fue hair transplant recovery process

We hear a lot of question about FUE hair transplant. But also we hear a lot of questions about FUE hair transplant recovery process. Well, if you have decided to have a hair transplant operation, it is important to know what is waiting for you ahead. If you have no idea about the operation and the recovery process, you may feel anxious during the process.

Anxiety and stress are what we don’t want during hair transplant operations. When patients feel relaxes and confident, the operation is easier for them. Also, they have a better recovery process after the surgery as well. So, we believe that it is extremely important to inform our patients about their experience.

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Process Steps

For successful results, it is extremely important to follow the hair transplant recovery process steps. These steps are carefully designed to increase the comfort of the patient as well as the success of the operation. Like any other operation, patients need to take care of their hair after the surgery. It is important to protect your hair and head from any damage. Also, it is always recommended to follow all the instruction given by the doctors.

First Day After Surgery

During the first day of the surgery, it is possible to feel some pain. This pain is normal since you had an operation. To minimize the pain, doctors generally prescribe painkillers. Also, to prevent any risk of infection, doctors prescribe certain antibiotics as well.

Patients need to rest on the first day. Also, patients may feel more tired than they normally feel. For this reason, it is always good to rest for a day.

First Week After Surgery

The first week of the surgery is extremely important. Actually, this first week may be the most important phase of the hair transplant recovery process. In this week, patients should avoid smoking, alcohol intake, sexual relationship, and anything that would harm the newly implanted hair. These also include lifting heavy loads or doing sports.

In this week, patients still need to use their medication. Generally, a dose of painkillers is reduced in this week. Also, antibiotics will be completed within 7 days. However, always use your medication as prescribed by your doctors. You can go back to your normal life easily after the first 3 days of the surgery.

First Month After Surgery

When you complete your first month after hair transplant operation, you may start to shave your donor area. However, you need to wait for another 15 days before you shave your transplanted area. Also, you need to be careful about your diet and try to consume food that is beneficial for you. Alcohol and smoking are not forbidden but it is always recommended to quit smoking and restrict alcohol intake.

Two Months After Surgery

You can start swimming in two months. But, you should be careful about certain things. If you are swimming in the sea or in the pool, you need to wash your hair with clean water after swimming. You can start swimming in the sea after 45 days. But, you need to wait for two months for swimming in the pool. Also, after 45 days, you can start shaving your transplanted area as well. The hat is permitted after two months. However, if you are going to wear a hat, you should always be careful not to harm your newly transplanted hair. Also, you may experience hair loss around these times. This hair loss is normal and you shouldn’t worry about this hair loss. This hair loss is needed for new hair to grow.

One Year After Surgery

Approximately one year after the surgery, you will have your new hair. New hair will start to grow around the sixth month. At first, this growth will be thick. But in time, you will have dense and natural looking hair. You will have the hairline you have always dreamed of in 1-1.5 years after the operation.


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