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Popular Hair Transplant Methods

popular hair transplant methods

Hair transplant is one of the most popular surgeries among men. Men with bald areas or hair loss problem tend to feel depressed. For this reason, they try to find a solution to this problem. There are different hair transplant methods that can help in to solve their problem.

Hair loss can seriously impact self-confidence and life quality of people. Men are more prone to baldness. And for this reason, they tend to suffer from hair loss more. But hair transplant operations can be applied to both men and women. These operations offer a solution to one of the biggest problems.

Hair transplant methods can differ in terms of application. Also from the first day of hair restoration surgery until today, there are important changes. So, methods adopted in hair transplant also changed with advancement in technology. This dynamic structure of hair transplant enables doctors to offer the best possible methods to their patients.

Differences Between Hair Transplant Methods

Differences between hair restoration methods can be considered under two main titles. These are hair extraction and hair implants. Hair extraction and hair implanting together form the overall hair restoration process. There are different hair extraction method as well as different hair implanting methods. It is important to know these extraction and implant methods before deciding to have your operation.

Differences Between Hair Extraction Methods

Currently, there is only one method preferred by doctors in hair transplant operation. This method is called FUE or follicular unit extraction. In the past, there was also a FUT (follicular unit transplant) method. FUT method was also known as hair strip method. However, this hair extraction method is rarely applied. In FUT, hair strips are collected from the back of the head. But this procedure leaves a mark on the scalp. So, most of the patients do not want this method.

On the other hand, there is no scarring in the FUE method. For this reason, FUE has been applied by numerous doctors around the world. In this method, follicle units called hair grafts are collected from the back of the hair. These hair grafts are collected with special motorized tools.

Differences Between Hair Implanting Methods

In addition to hair extraction methods, there are also different hair implanting methods. The first hair implant method is called Slit hair implanting. In Slit method, hair grafts collected with FUE method are implanted in the recipient area. Before implanting these hair grafts, special canals are opened with a surgeon’s blade. Then, hair grafts are implanted in these canals.

Another hair implant method is called Sapphire. Sapphire method is almost identical with Slit method. However, there is a slight difference. In Sapphire method, the tool for canal opening is different. Instead of surgeon’s blade, special diamond-edged blades are used for canal opening. Then, just like Slit method, hair grafts collected with FUE method are implanted in these canals.

Of course, there are differences between Slit and Sapphire method. Sapphire method produces more natural looking hairline compared to Slit. This is because of diamond-edged blades used in canal opening procedure.

Hair Transplant for Hair Restoration

If you want to have your old hair back, hair transplant will be a good and permanent way to do that. Although there are different hair transplant methods out there, you can be sure that you will find a solution to your hair loss problem.

Hair loss can be a serious issue for both men and women. In the past, it was painful and almost impossible to solve this problem. But as everyone says. Past is in the past. Now, there are amazing hair transplant operations to restore your hair. All you need to do is choose your clinic and doctor and book your operation date.

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