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What Are The Types of Hair Transplant?

what are the types of hair transplant?

This question is one of the most popular questions among hair transplant patients. Patients want to have the best hair transplant and therefore ask this question. Actually, the question should be revised. Rather than types of hair transplant, types of hair extraction and hair implant should be considered.

Difference between hair transplant methods is due to the difference in hair extraction and hair implanting method. For example, in the past hair strip, hair extraction method was used. Currently, this method is not applied by any of the clinics. Because this method was hard, painful, had longer recovery periods, and old-fashioned.

Today, the most common type of hair extraction method is FUE or follicular unit extraction. In this method, follicle units that are called grafts are collected from the patient. Compared to hair strip method, FUE has faster recovery time, and the procedure is easier. Also, the pain associated with this hair extraction method is significantly lower.

Do Types of Hair Transplant Have Different Results?

Actually, the difference between types of hair transplant is the difference between types of hair implant. There is three hair implant method. Most of the time, the results of these three methods are similar. The difference between these implant methods are the techniques. Also, these methods can be applied to different types of hair losses.

First of the hair implanting method is called Slit hair graft implant method. In Slit, hair grafts are collected with FUE. Then, canals are opened in the donor area. These canals are made with surgeon blade used in hair transplant. After creating the canals, hair grafts collected with FUE are implanted in these canals.

Another method is called Sapphire and this is almost identical with Slit. However, there is one important difference. Instead of the surgeon blade, special diamond edges blade is used for canals. This diamond edged blade decreases the scarring around the recipient area. What is more, the Sapphire hair graft implanting method shows more natural results than Slit.

The last hair graft implanting method is direct hair implant (DHI). As the name suggests, in this method, the hair grafts are extracted and directly implanted into the recipient area. The implanting process is completed with special CHOI pens. One of the most important advantages of this method is that there is no need to shave the hair in the recipient area. For this reason, this hair graft implanting method is commonly preferred by long-haired men and women.

How to Choose Best Hair Implant Type?

Choosing the correct hair implant type will determine the overall success of the hair transplant. Types of hair transplant can depend on characteristics of the patient. Hair loss area, as well as hair loss level, will be important when choosing a hair implant method.

If a high number of grafts needed for the operation, in this case, DHI may not be a good option. In the DHI method, doctors are limited with 2.500 hair grafts. Therefore, when more than 2.500 hair grafts are needed, FUE hair extraction technique and either Slit hair graft implant or Sapphire hair graft implant method should be selected.

Which Hair Implant Method Is Right for My Hair?

The right hair implant method will be determined by the doctor. Patients will have a physical examination before the hair transplant operation. In this examination, the doctor will identify hair loss levels and suggest the necessary amount of hair grafts. Following the recommendations of the doctors about hair graft number will increase the success rate of the hair transplant.

Patients who are considering hair transplant in another country can send their photos from four different angles to the doctors. This way doctors can examine the hair loss level. These patients should come to the country two or three days prior to the operation to have a physical examination as well.


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