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What Is The Success Rate of Hair Transplant?

success rate on hair transplant

Hair transplant treatment has always been one step ahead of other hair treatments, considering its success rate. Transplant, which is the most popular treatment of our time, has become preferred all over the world thanks to its success rate. Hair transplantation treatment is also a reliable method in terms of risk factors.

Of course, clinics that are experts in this field should be used to achieve success with transplant treatment. In particular, hair transplant Turkey options have options that offer a guarantee of trust and quality. In this article, we wanted to evaluate the statistical data on the success rate of transplant treatment.

The Sucess Rate of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant always occupies a leading position when compared to other treatment methods. The biggest reason for this is undoubtedly the high success rate of the treatment. While the success rate of transplant treatments 15 years ago was very low, a great increase in the rate of treatments today has been observed.

Of course, what makes today’s transplant treatments successful is the quality of the clinics and the developing medical technology. We can put the success rate in a logical framework by looking at the elements related to hair transplant success rates.

1-      New Hair Transplant Techniques

If you are wondering about the success rates of transplant treatment, we can explain it to you with new treatment techniques. Compared to the past, great changes have been made in the techniques of transplant treatments. In particular, the FUE hair transplant technique has become one of the most frequently preferred treatment methods all over the world. In addition, the DHI hair transplant technique is a very advanced technique because it is a new technology.

Transplant techniques have increased the success rate of treatment by taking the developing medical technology with them.

2-      Developing Medical Technology

Another factor that makes hair transplant treatment successful is the medical technology that is developing day by day. For example, The Choi Pen used in the DHI technique is one of the best examples of this technology. Thanks to this new transplant device, transplant treatment can give positive results as soon as possible. In addition, the high rate of improvement and success in the FUE technique is explained by the development of medical science.

3-      Development in Hair Transplant Specialists

Another of the most important details that increase the success of hair transplant treatment is transplant specialists. Today, an increase is observed in the number of specialist physicians who have achieved success in transplant treatment. The contribution of these specialist physicians to the development of transplant treatment is also quite high. This inevitably affects the success rate of the treatment positively.

Transplant clinics in Turkey are also very reliable in terms of the success of specialist physicians. It is possible to come across the world’s highest quality transplant specialists in Turkey.

What Is The Success Rate of Hair Transplant Treatment?

When we compare the success rate of transplant treatment with the past, we see surprising results. There is no transplant treatment among the methods applied for diseases such as hair loss in the past. The success rate of this treatment, which entered our lives about 20 years ago, was also very low at that time. Today, the success rate of transplant treatment ranges from 90 to 95%.

Hair transplant treatment, of course, is not always a method that provides 100% success. However, when looking at other techniques, the success rate of this treatment is quite satisfactory. While the success rate is generally 90-95% in men, this rate is accepted as 80-85% in women.

The reason for the higher success rate in hair transplant treatment in men is the removal of hair follicles from the nape. The hair tissues on the nape are healthier and can provide a lifetime guarantee of lush hair. Despite everything, it can be said that the rate of hair transplant treatment applied to women is sufficient.

The hair transplant before and after the process is an indicator of how successful this treatment is. After the treatment, it is expected that the hair will grow for about 1 year. But a few months after the treatment, it will be possible to see the signs of hair growth.


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