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How Can I Speed ​​Up Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

How Can I Speed Up After Hair Transplant?

The after hair transplant process is also called the healing process. In this process, it is important to strictly follow everything that the specialist doctor recommends. There are some actions you can take to make the hair grow as soon as possible during the after hair transplant process. However, it would be the best decision to leave the process after the treatment to its natural state.

It is enough to follow the recommendations to help the after hair transplant process and ensure that the hair grows in a short time. In this process, you can find what you need to do to have thick hair as soon as possible in this article.

Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

To ensure hair growth during the after hair transplant process, you should first listen to your doctor. In this process, the person who knows you best will of course be your specialist doctor. Therefore, your doctor can know how long and how long your hair will grow. However, you can shorten the recovery period by paying attention to some details after transplant treatment.

It is possible to accelerate your hair growth by following the recommendations given below. However, before applying these recommendations, you should consult your specialist physician. To have a comfortable after hair transplant process, you should not memorize every piece of advice given about hair growth.

Diet After Hair Transplant

One of the most important points in the after hair transplant process is nutrition. Especially during the 7 days after hair transplant process, you must pay attention to what you eat and drink. In this process, it is recommended to add protein-supported foods such as chicken, fish, and eggs to your lunch and dinner. In this way, you will increase the rate of hair growth after the transplant treatment.

In the same way, it will be useful to regulate your eating and drinking times for a while. You need to pay attention to a healthy diet without skipping meals during the day. Thus, you can get through the after hair transplant process more easily. In the same way, you will significantly increase the rate of hair growth.

Saying Goodbye to Harmful Habits

The 2 weeks after hair transplant process in question means that it is time to say goodbye to harmful habits. You can help the healing process by minimizing alcohol and cigarette consumption. In addition, you have the chance to increase the rate of hair growth. Harmful habits such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are habits that may even lead to negative results of treatment.

It is also a rule that is requested from you that you have reduced smoking and alcohol for hair transplant treatment. You should apply this rule during the recovery period as well.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

You should continue to take some vitamin and mineral supplements during and after the 4 days after hair transplant process. Your specialist physician who has already done the hair transplant treatment will also give you some supplemental vitamins and minerals. You may also have significantly increased the rate of hair growth by using the supplements given to you every day.

Thanks to vitamin and mineral supplements, you have the chance to increase the speed of recovery after treatment. In this way, you will not feel the difficulties of the recovery period too much. Supplements, which are important for both your body and your hair, will have a very positive effect on your physical health.

Avoiding Stress

The effect of stress is undeniably important in the after hair transplant process. In this process, you need to be careful to lead a normal life as much as possible. A stressful recovery process means that the treatment can have negative consequences. Likewise, if you want your hair to grow as soon as possible, you should try to stay away from stress as much as you can. You can try to push aside the details that will create stress in your life for an average of 2 months.

Not Trying to Follow Every Advice

Many recommendations can be given for the after hair transplant process. There is a lot of information pollution on the internet, especially about the rapid growth of hair. First of all, you shouldn’t try to apply every piece of advice you read. It is recommended that you consult your physician before applying the herbal cures given by people who claim to be experts in this field.

It is enough to listen to your doctor to get through the after hair transplant process more easily and to increase the rate of hair growth. You should not use products such as shampoo or cream that have not been recommended to you by experts.


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