Factors to Consider When Deciding on Hair Transplantation

Factors to Consider When Deciding on Hair Transplantation

Although hair transplantation is a permanent solution, the treatment process can be long-term. Therefore, there are some details that should be considered and known before making a decision on this issue. When making a decision about hair transplantation, you should do your research well and start the treatment accordingly. In this article, we wanted to share with you the most important details about hair transplantation.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Before we talk about the details about hair transplantation, we wanted to take a look at what this treatment is. In cases of baldness and hair reduction in the hair area, hair transplantation, which is the trend of the last period, is preferred. This method, which has a very high success rate, requires a certain treatment process.

When it comes to a permanent solution, it is recommended that you benefit from the hair transplant method. With this treatment, it is possible to have healthy and natural hair in an average of one year. Of course, there are some factors that should be considered before and after the treatment. If you get through the hair transplant before and after processes easily, you can continue to have natural and permanent hair throughout your life.

Things to Know About Hair Transplant

If you want to benefit from hair transplantation in Turkey options, it is important that you have information about it. There are some important points to be careful about hair transplant treatment. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the details that are effective in hair transplant treatment and must be considered:

1.      Reliable and Licensed Clinic Selection

Hair transplant treatment is a type of treatment that should be considered. Therefore, the hair transplantation clinic you will choose must also be licensed and reliable. In order for the therapy to be successful and not cause complications, you should always take care to choose reliable options.

2.      Hair Transplantation Treatment Is Not Reversible

It should be known that hair transplant treatment is a permanent treatment method. Moreover, it is necessary to know that the wrong hair transplant is never reversible. In other words, unfortunately, there is no improvement process for the wrong treatment. This causes the person to have an unnatural hair appearance throughout his life. For this, extra care should be taken when choosing a clinic.

3.      Hair Transplant Treatment Options

There are two types of hair transplant treatments both in Turkey and in other countries. The first of these is the DHI hair transplantation method. DHI stands for “direct hair implantation”. In this method, which is applied with an apparatus called Choi pen, there is no need to open any channels. Although the DHI method is a faster treatment type, it is applied to narrower areas.

Another method is known as FUE hair transplantation. The FUE method is also a transplant treatment applied to larger areas. However, there is no need to wait in the DHI method while waiting for the channel to be opened in the FUE method.

4.      Things to Know About Grafts

In hair transplantation treatment, there are details that should be known about grafts. Maximum grafts for hair transplantation vary between 3500 – 4000. It is not correct to take more grafts than this. Such a method should be applied so that the removed tissue does not remain outside for a long time. Otherwise, tissue damage may occur. This has unhealthy consequences.

5.      How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation Treatment Take?

Another issue to know about hair transplantation treatment is the treatment period. Accordingly, the transplant process of 3500+ grafts may take approximately 6 -7 hours. There may be some cases where the treatment time is prolonged.

The tests performed before starting the treatment will also give results in an average of 1-2 days. The post-treatment process is a process that requires attention for several months.

6.      Hair Transplant Prices

Another issue to be considered in hair transplant treatment is the treatment fee. If you have come across a clinic that offers prices far below the market, you should be careful about it. Clinics that offer low prices are definitely not reliable. Low price means the low quality of treatment.


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