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How to Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeons?


Deciding on the hair transplant surgeon and clinic may be the hardest part of the hair transplant operation. Since you will be in the hands of the doctor, you will naturally want to have the best hair transplant surgeons in your operation.

Before choosing the doctor for the hair transplant operation, it is important to make an extensive research. This research will give general idea about the doctors, how they perform the operation, and what post-operational care they offer.

Also, it is important to trust to your doctor. This will decrease the anxiety and stress levels and help you to have a smooth surgery. When necessary, doctor should give you comfort and inform you about the operation. Not all patients make an extensive research on the hair transplant operations. The best doctors explain each step of the hair transplant as well as steps needed for recovery.

Hair Transplant with Best Hair Transplant Surgeons

When you believe that the best hair transplant surgeons work on your hair, you will feel more comfortable during the surgery. This will also have positive effect on your recovery process. Trusting to your doctor will relief you.

One of the main struggles experienced by patients is to choose a doctor in a foreign country. With the advanced technology and intense social media use, this is no longer a problem. Patients can quickly search the doctor online. Most of the doctors have an Instagram account where they show their previous results.

These accounts as well as other social media accounts will help patients to make decisions. Compared to the past, it is easier to choose the best doctors for hair transplant operation.

Does Surgeons Has a Role on Success of Hair Transplant?

There are different factors that effect the overall success of the hair transplant operation. Hair loss level, hair type, skin characteristics, and lifestyle are some important factors that have an effect on the operation. Especially, smoking has significant negative effect on the operation. Some studies showed that smokers have lower success rates compared to non-smoker in terms of success rate of hair grafts.

Also, following the orders of the doctor before and after hair transplant has an important tole on the success rates. Doctors make these recommendations to ensure the best results and decrease recovery time. All the medication and supplement products recommended and prescribed by the doctors should be used before and after the surgery.

Among these factors, doctors also have a role to play. Generally, doctors play a role in how your hair will look at the end. Doctors with skilful hands focus on natural looking hair and hair lines. Therefore, the results are almost flawless. In addition to these, doctors who follow the new developments in hair transplant sector have higher success rates. New technology often focus on decreasing recovery time and increasing success rate. So, when doctors follow these new methods, they have higher success rates.

How to Choose Surgeon for Hair Transplant?

To choose one of the best hair transplant surgeons, it is important to consider past results of the doctor. Other patients will be a good indicator of the success of the doctor. Also, it is recommended to see the doctor once before having the operation.

When patients see the doctor, they can make better decisions whether they will feel comfortable with that doctor. If you are going to have your hair transplant operation in another country, face to face meetings may not be possible. In this case, you can Skype the doctor or use another video conference application to talk to the doctor. These steps will ensure that you choose the best doctor for your hair transplant operation.


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