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Hair Transplants During Your 20s

Hair Transplants During Your 20s

You might experience hair loss in your early 20s. This might frustrate you and even make you depressed. It is true that hair loss in such an early age is undesirable. Yet, it might be too early to have hair transplant during your 20s.

There are few things you need to consider before deciding on having a hair transplant. At this point, age plays a significant role. Having hair transplant too early might cause irrecoverable damage. So, you need to consult to a doctor before making this decision.

Is It Early to Have Hair Transplants During Your 20s?

It might be. There are few factors that effect hair transplant decision. According to experts, you need to complete certain level of hair loss if you want to have hair transplant. If you are still experiencing significant amount of hair loss, this might prevent hair transplant. There are couple of reasons for that.

Incomplete Hair Loss

Your hair loss might continue until your mid-30s or even until your mid-40s. If you have a hair transplant in your early 20s, there still will be hair loss. And there will be inconsistencies between your transplanted hair and hair loss.

One of the main problems of early hair transplant is that there can be gaps between transplanted hair and your original hair. After hair transplant, there can be hair loss in your original hair. Since transplanted hair is permanent, this gap will lead to unattractive look.

Know You Hair Loss Patterns

Also, it is important to know your hair loss patterns. It might be too early to understand you pattern in your 20s. If you have receding hairline, doctor must plan your hair transplant accordingly. Or if you have bald spots on your crown region, this requires different number of grafts. So, it is important to know how you hair loss occurs and where do you need hair transplant.

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