You are experiencing hair loss and you want to have hair transplant. Have you though about this procedure carefully? Have you considered all the aspects of the operation? If you haven’t, we will present you 10 things to consider before you decide on hair transplant. After asking yourself these questions, you will be ready to go.

1.     Your Hair Quality

First thing to consider before your hair transplant operation is your hair quality. Your hair quality will directly impact the success of your operation. You need to see a doctor and talk about whether you are a suitable hair transplant candidate.

2.     Which Procedure Will You Choose?

Next thing about the operation is to decide on the procedure. There are different procedures out there and each one has high success rates. But you choose a method that does not suit your hair type or level of baldness, you might experience undesired results. Before you operation, you need to talk to your doctor about your options.

3.     Do You Consider Going to Another Country?

If you are worried about the cost, there are few alternatives. You can opt for having the operation in another countries. Countries like Turkey and India offer amazing rates compared to the US, Canada, England or any other countries. As medical expenses associated with the operation is lower, Turkey is an amazing place to have the surgery.

4.     Which Doctor You Should Choose?

After deciding where you will have the surgery, you need to make a detailed research on which doctor to choose. You might go for the old word of mouth method. Or you might check social media pages of doctors. In either way, always talk to the doctor before the operation.

5.     Age Is an Important Factor

Age is a key factor in hair transplant. You might experience hair loss in your early 20s but this age is not suitable for hair transplant. It is recommended to wait until at least 28. After this age, hair loss will slow down and you can achieve better results.

6.     Risks of Hair Transplant

As we have mentioned above, you will need a surgery to have hair transplant. Although operation is conducted under local anaesthesia, there are certain risks. Most common risk for this operation is infection. You need to follow all post-op instructions of the doctor and transplant team for a smooth healing process. Also, you need to take care of your newly transplanted hair.

7.     Recovery Period

You can get back to your normal life 3 days after the operation. But there will be certain limitations on exercising or swimming. You need to eat well and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for a while. All these factors will decrease your overall recovery period.

8.     How to Choose a Clinic?

Another important aspect is about choosing the right clinic. Clinic is as important as choosing the doctor for your operation. Hair transplant clinic must follow all health regulations and rules. Also, all necessary equipment must be present in the clinic.

9. Are You Ready?

Last question you need to ask yourself is are you ready for hair transplant operation? If you are not feeling ready, you might want to wait for couple of months. Once you feel you are ready, decide on your operation day and say hello to your new hair.