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What You Can Do About Your Receding Hairline?

Causes of Hair Loss

Receding hairline is one of the most common problems in men. Hair loss can happen in different regions of your head. But when it starts from the hairline region, men often feel depressed. Front hairline is the most visible part of our head. Any problem in this region will cause unattractive look.

What Is Receding Hairline?

Receding hairline is hair loss in hairline area. Generally, hair loss starts from temporal side and proceeds to back part of the head. This will cause an unattractive look.

How Can You Prevent Receding Hairline?

Although receding hairline can be a problem, there are different methods to prevent this problem. While some are non-surgical methods, there are also surgical options. However, there is thing to note. None of the methods listed below will provide guaranteed solution. You might slow down your receding hairline but you might not entirely stop it.

Healthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause for most of the problems. And it is one of the factors for receding hairline. Changing your lifestyle might help reducing hair loss and receding hairline. You might follow a healthier diet. Or you might consider quitting smoking or alcohol. Smoking and alcohol caused damage on your hair roots and increases hair loss. Additionally, decreasing stress levels in your life can help reducing stress-related hair loss.


There are certain medications to prevent and slow down receding hairline. But there is a downside about these medications. You can only use them for limited period of time. Also, there might be adverse side effects in some medications.

Essential Oils and Massaging

One of the natural ways to slow down hair loss and receding hairline is using essential oils. You can apply different essential oil mixture to your scalp. Massage these oils so that your scalp and hair roots absorb all the oil. After waiting couple of hours, you can rinse your hair with a shampoo. In this process, it is better to choose a gentle shampoo that is suitable for you hair and skin type.

Hair Transplant

All of the above methods to fight against receding hairline are non-surgical options. Hair transplant on the other hand is a surgical option to prevent hair loss problem. After this operation, you hair will permanently grow in transplanted region. There are certain risks of this operation but if you are having serious hair loss problem, hair transplant might be your only option.


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