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What Is Follicular Unit Extraction? Benefits of FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular unit extraction is generally known as the entire hair transplant process. Many people known FUE as the entire procedure. Actually, it is the first part of the procedure. In hair transplant surgeries, hair roots are extracted. This extraction is needed to collect hair roots.

After the extraction, these collected roots must be implanted. So there is need for a suitable hair implant method as well. Now, Slit and Sapphire methods are applied to implant the collected hair roots. These two steps are called hair transplant operation.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicles are in fact consist of hair roots. But each follicle might have up to 3 hair roots. So, instead of just calling them roots, doctors call them follicles. In follicular unit extraction, these follicles are collected.

Also, these hair follicles are often called hair grafts. Hari grafts are the most important components of a hair transplant. In FUE method, grafts are collected with special devices. These devices are called punch motors. Punch motors are handheld and operated by the doctor. These punch motors act as a real punch and take the roots out.

Hair Roots Extraction Methods

There are two methods. One is FUE and the other one is DHI. In fact, DHI is not an extraction method. Direct hair transplant is the entire hair transplant process. In this process, CHOI pens are used. Both extraction and implant are done with this pen.

So, FUE is the only extraction method used in the operation. Each hair graft is collected one by one with these motors. Since each hair graft is handled separately, the damage on the donor region is minimum. This accelerated overall recovery time.

After Hair Extraction

After follicular unit extraction, collected hair roots are implanted. In implanting, canals are opened to recipient region. These canals can be opened with a surgeon’s blade or diamond tipped blade. It entire depends on the hair implant method selection.

If surgeon’s blade is used, the implant is called Slit hair implant. If diamond tipped blade is used, the implant is called Sapphire hair implant. In both cases, hair grafts are implanted one by one. This enables precision as well as natural results.

Recovery Period

After follicular unit extraction and hair implant, patients need to recover. The entire recovery will take up to 1 year. And the new hair will start to grow at least after 6 months. But right after the surgery, patients can go back to their normal life in 1 week.

During recovery, it is important to listen to all recommendations. Also, patients need to take all medication as use all recommended products. These will speed up the entire hair transplant recovery process. Also, new transplanted hair roots will grow healthier.

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