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Achieving Fast Donor Healing in FUE Hair Transplant

Achieving Fast Donor Healing in FUE Hair Transplant

Healing is the second phase of hair transplant surgery. You need to plan the whole process ahead. After your surgery, you will need at least couple of days to recover. Generally, patients can go back to their normal lives after 3 days. Yet, there are some method for achieving fast donor healing in FUE hair transplant.

During healing process, time required for donor and implant regions are naturally different. Donor area often heals faster than transplanted area. Doctor and transplant team informs the patient about the healing process. Patients need to follow some recommendations to reduce the healing process of both donor and transplanted area.

How to Avoid Swelling in Donor Area?

Swelling is natural after hair transplant. This shows that transplant and donor regions are starting to heal. It is not possible to avoid swelling. However, it is possible to reduce the swelling. After the surgery, swelling is observed around transplanted area rather than donor area.

Swelling on the forehead can travel down to your eyes. To avoid that, you need to wear the bandage doctor recommends after the surgery. This bandage will prevent swelling to go down and spread on your forehead. Also, you need to keep your head cool and avoid high temperatures. High temperatures might increase swelling and cause discomfort.

Is Fast Donor Healing Possible?

For achieving fast donor healing in FUE hair transplant, you need to rest as much as you can. Resting will speed up healing process. In most cases, donor area heals in 5 to 7 days. Healing of this area will be much faster than transplanted area.

Additionally, swelling around donor area will be less than transplanted area. For the first couple of days, you need to be careful while sleeping. Also, you need to follow doctor’s instructions to speed up healing and keep swelling as low as possible.

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