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What Is FUE Hair Transplant and How Is It Done?

What is FUE Hair Transplant and How is it Done?

Patients that search for hair transplant methods are generally asking one main question. What is FUE hair transplant? Without knowing how this procedure it done, it may hard to take that bold move and make the decision. Therefore, most of the patients are trying to learn the details of the operation.

Actually, there is a general misconception about the operation. Although the overall operation is known as FUE hair transplant, FUE is actually the hair extraction method. This method only corresponds to first stage of the method. When combined with a hair implanting method such as Slit or Sapphire, hair transplant process is completed.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

Well, what is FUE hair transplant in reality? In this operation, patient’s own hair is used for implant process. This way, all problems regarding texture and colour mismatch are eliminated. Using hair of the patient increases the success of the operation and produces the most natural results. To inform everyone that considers hair transplant, let us now examine the steps of FUE hair transplant.

FUE Hair Transplant Steps

1. Patient is examined by the doctor before the operation.
2. After selecting the most suitable hair implant method, number of grafts are determined.
3. On the day of the surgery, patient is prepared by the hair transplant team.
4. Local anaesthesia is applied to both donor and recipient area.
5. Hair grafts are collected from donor area.
6. Collected grafts are implanted with selected hair graft implanting method.
7. Transplanted areas are dressed and operation is completed.

Hair Extraction Process

Above, a hair transplant operation is described in the most general sense. Now, it is time to dive into details of what is FUE hair transplant question. In hair extraction process, follicular unit extraction method is applied. In this method, hair grafts are collected from donor area one by one.

These grafts may contain up to 3 hair strands. The number of hair strands in a single graft will determine the number of hair strands that will grow at transplanted area. Hair extraction/collection process is done with special tools. These small tools will leave no scar after the operation.

Hair Implanting Process

In hair implanting process, either Slit or Sapphire method is preferred. Selection of hair implanting method depends on hair characteristic of the patient. These two hair implanting methods are similar. In Slit method, surgeon’s blade is used for opening special canals for hair grafts. Hair grafts are implanted in these canals. On the other hand, in Sapphire method, special diamond tipped blades are used for canal process. These diamond tipped blades help achieving more natural results in hair line.

Hair Care After Operation

Hair care after hair transplant is as important as operation itself. During healing process, doctors often prescribe special shampoos and hair creams for the patients. These products will support healing process of the implanted hair.

Additionally, patients need to avoid alcohol intake, smoking, swimming, and shaving for a while. Approximately 6 months after the surgery, there are no restrictions on the patient. However, it is important to follow all post-operation hair care instruction to achieve better results.

Hair loss after the operation is normal and patients should stay calm when they experience such as case. The new hair will start to grow after the implanted grafts fall down. This is part of the healing process and new hair will grow thicker and stronger.

Does FUE Hair Transplant Have Permanent Results?

After the surgery, new hair will start to grow within 6 months. However, it will take almost one year to see complete results. When hair growth is completed, the results will be permanent. Patients can enjoy their natural looking new hair for the rest of their lives.

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