What is FUE Technique?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is basically a graft (hair follicle) extraction method that has been applied since 2005, ensuring thousands of people seeking solution for hair loss to have natural, dense and healthy hair. In FUE technique, grafts are extracted one by one from the back of the neck situated between two ears where the hair is strongest (if required, from the chest and from under the chin for men); afterwards, they are transplanted in the relevant area using one of three different transplantation techniques called “DHI”, “Sapphire” or “Slit”.

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In other words, contrary to popular opinion, FUE is not a hair transplantation technique but a graft extraction method. Regardless of the technique used for hair transplantation, grafts are only extracted by FUE technique.

How is FUE Technique applied?

Our experts determine the hairline that suits you the best, the number of grafts and the application plan.

The area of application is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied to prevent you from feeling any pain. Local anesthesia is performed by injecting the active substance to the relevant areas by an ultra-fine tip needle. For those who are afraid of needle, there is a very easy and painless alternative. It ensures that the active substance penetrates the skin painlessly thanks to a pressured spraying process, we apply the needle required for anesthesia after that area becomes numb. In this way, you don’t feel any pain.

We usually extract the grafts from the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, that is the back of neck situated between two ears. You don’t feel anything because this area is completely numb. If we need more grafts, we can extract grafts from the chest or from under the chin (applicable for men). The FUE Technique where the grafts are extracted one by one provides us with this possibility in a highly aesthetic way.

Advantages of FUE Technique

  • In techniques before FUE (see FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation), a piece of skin with hair follicles on was removed from the back of the neck and transferred to the area of hair loss. This resulted in a vague scar on the back of the neck and in the area where hair transplantation was conducted. There is no skin transplantation in FUE; grafts (hair follicles) are extracted one by one from the back of the neck situated between two ears and then transplanted in the related area where the transplant will be done by using one of the hair transplantation techniques called DHI, Sapphire or Slit. Therefore, the problem of stitch marks is eliminated. Hair follicles are healed within a week; it makes the hair look very natural since there are no traces left after the process.
  • FUE is a technique that can be applied at every stage from the lightest hair losses to complete hair losses. Your hair may be thinned or completely lost; with this technique, we can prevent the thinning as well as ensuring you to have healthy and natural hair from scratch.
  • In FUE Technique, grafts are extracted from not only from the back of the neck that is the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, but also from the chest or from facial hair under the chin (for men) if needed. The extraction process leaves no trace and therefore allows us to extract grafts from different spots.
  • Thanks to FUE which is much more comfortable than other techniques both for you and the hair transplant experts, hair transplantation process takes less time (6-8 hours).
  • FUE Technique does not require stitching, therefore you can return to work three days later; and you can continue your daily life comfortably during the healing process.
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