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Why Do You Get Bald?

Causes of Hair Loss

Baldness can be a huge problem for both men and women. But this is a common problem among men. There can be several reasons that cause baldness or hair loss. Generally, baldness is the result of excessive hair loss. It is possible to prevent or avoid baldness if the underlying reasons are known. Identifying reasons for hair loss or baldness will help you select the correct treatment methods.

Genetics – Male Pattern Baldness

Genetics play a huge role on baldness. If all the members of your family are bald or getting bald, you will probably be bald as well. Level of baldness or hair loss will also depend on your genetics. You might start to lose your hair in your early 20s. On the other hand, some people experience hair loss after their 40s.

Male pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT. This DHT hormone is dihydrotestosterone. If this hormone is segregated fast and in excessive way, it might accumulate at hair roots. Such accumulation will block nutrition and blood circulation to hair roots. Over time, hair roots will become weak and start to fall.

If you have excessive hair loss, you might consider hair transplant. Hair transplant will offer you a permanent treatment for hair loss. However, hair transplant might not be an option if you are experiencing excessive hair loss and baldness. This operation needs hair at the back of the hair to use for operation.

Skin Problems

Another common cause for hair loss is skin problems. These problems can be caused by external factors. Or if you have sensitive skin, you might get infected by contacting certain substances. Skin problems are generally treatable. When you treat this skin problem, your hair loss will also start to decrease and it will stop when you treatment is completed.

You need to consult to a doctor for suitable skin problem treatment. This treatment can be in forms of gels or special shampoo. Also, in some cases doctor might prescribe medication. Since medication for each skin disease will be different, you need to consult to a doctor.

Stress or Other External Factors

Another factors that might trigger hair loss are stress or external factors. Stress can increase hair loss. Also, seasonal changes might trigger hair loss as well. In some cases, air pollution or other external factors might cause your hair to fall down.

Compared to genetics and skin diseases, this type of hair loss has relatively simple treatment. All you need to do is limit the stress in your life. Additionally, you might try to avoid external factors that cause hair loss. For example, moving to an area with better air quality might help you solving your hair loss problem.

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