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What is Eyebrow Hair transplant?

Eyebrow Hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is a procedure applied to treat eyebrow loss problems. This problem is common in women. Due to repeated plucking or any other reasons, eyebrow area might get bald over time. New hair will not grow in this area.

Eyebrow baldness might cause unattractive look. Therefore, women want to find a permanent solution to this problem. At this point, eyebrow transplant can solve their problem. This procedure is similar to hair transplant but it can be completed in shorter time due to smaller area.

Hair Extraction in Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Like normal hair transplant, hair follicles are extracted for eyebrow transplant. In this extraction, FUE method is used. Hair follicles are collected from back of the hair. This region has the strongest hair follicles and it is possible to achieve best results.

Hair Implanting in Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Before hair implanting step, eyebrow is designed to suit the look of the patient. A well-designed eyebrow can change the overall look of the face. After this step and hair extracted, hair follicles are implanted.

Implanting can be made either with Sapphire, Slit or DHI method. These techniques are also applied in hair transplant. After the operation, patient can go back to normal life in couple of days. There will be redness on the first day. But this redness will pass. Like hair transplant, newly transplanted eyebrows will fall. Later, new eyebrow will start to grow and results will be permanent.

Advantages of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

There are couple of advantages of eyebrow transplant. First, if you are experiencing eyebrow loss, transplant can be a permanent solution. Also, some women want to change how their eyebrow look. In this case, it is possible to reshape the eyebrow with transplant.

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