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Understanding Importance of Your Donor Area

Donor area

There are lots of terms about hair transplant. One of the important terms in this operation is donor area. This area is the main source for your new hair. Hair grafts that will be used in the implanting procedure will be collected from this region. Therefore, hair in this area plays a key role in the operation.

Since this area is the most important part of hair transplant, there are few things to consider. Depending on the procedure and hair quality of the patient, there can be different donor areas. Also, health of hair roots in this region plays an important role. We will examine each of these topics in detail.

Which Regions Can Be Used As Donor Area?

Mainly back of the had is used as donor area. Most doctors choose this area as this area is resistant against hormone that causes hair loss. Hair in this region has no tendency to fall. This way, this hair will be permanent in transplanted area.

However, there are other options for donor area. In extreme cases, beard region od chest region can be used for extracting hair roots. But these are rare applications. Doctors try to avoid these areas as strength of hair root in these areas are relatively lower than back of the head.

How to Collect Health Hair from Donor Area

Hair extraction is completed with FUE (follicular hair extraction method). In all hair transplant operations, hair extraction is completed with this method. Depending on the hair implanting method, the name of the hair transplant operation can change.

For example, if Sapphire blades are used for channel opening, this method is known as Sapphire FUE hair transplant. If Choi pens are used in transplant, this method is known as FUE DHI hair implanting. Hair implanting method is selected based on hair quality and number of grafts needed for the hair transplant. Doctor will decide on the best method to achieve best results after the surgery.

Does Doctor’s Skills Play a Role

Yes it does. Even though your donor hair region is healthy, if the doctor lacks skills to correctly collect hair roots, you might not have the results you desire. Doctor must choose the suitable hair extraction tool depending on hair type and hair quality.

There will be damaging in surrounding tissue during extraction operation. But doctor’s skills can significantly reduce this damage. This way, recovery period will be shorter. Also, hair around donor area will preserve its strength.


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