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Things to Consider Before and After Hair Transplant

Things to Consider Before and After Hair Transplant

People who are experiencing hair loss due to various reasons prefer hair transplant to solve this problem. Hair loss may cause negative psychology and self-confidence problems and new methods are developed to prevent hair loss.

Hair aesthetic is popular in Turkey as well as Istanbul. One of the main reasons Istanbul is commonly selected is experts here use advanced techniques. People who complain about hair loss and have new hair with hair transplant leave the clinics happily.

There are numerous clinics in Istanbul. The procedure applied by experts in their field in the clinics formed hair aesthetic Turkey brand. Thus, Turkey became popular abroad and advanced in health tourism.

Numerous details before and after hair transplant should be considered. This way, hair transplant is more successful and the recovery period is shorter. At this stage, the expert who does the procedure and the patients have their own duties.

 What should be done before a hair transplant operation?

1 day should be set for the operation. In this process, hair roots are collected in 2-3 hours. Then, channels are opened to the transplant area, and this approximately takes 45 minutes. in the last stage, roots are placed in these channel one by one. This operation approximately takes 3 hours.  This way, the operation is completed in 7 hours on average. After the operations, the patient should be careful about 2 days as the roots are sensitive. Everything to be considered including diet are presented to the patient after the operation in oral and written form.

First, the patient should prefer a hair transplant clinic that is suitable and reliable. During selection, the patient should talk to the clinic doctor about what s/he expects from a hair transplant and what are the possible outcomes. Hair analysis of the patient is completed, and a number of hair roots and how much hair root is needed for the transplant area are discussed. The doctor explains all the details and all the questions of the patient about the operation are answered.

Depending on the advice of the doctor, all blood thinners should be stopped 5 days prior to operation. Additionally, alcoholic beverages, beverages with caffeine, and smoking should be avoided before the operation. Hair should be washed on the day of the operations and no cosmetic product should be applied. Additionally, since the operation is completed under local anesthesia, the patient should be eaten beforehand.

What is the recovery after the operation?

After a hair transplant operation is complete, on the next day, the wound is dressed in antiseptic. Hair transplant team explains how the hair should be washed in detail. During the first 10 days, this special washing method is applied. All information in this process should be considered and applied. In the first 10 days, there is crusting in the transplanted area as described by the team. In this process, photos should be sent to the doctor and the team. Vitamins and medication should be used as described.

2 weeks after the operation, normal washing can be started with the recommended shampoo. The transplanted area should not be scratched for 2 weeks or this area should be protected from impacts. In 5-10 days, transplanted area heals. Depending on the advice of the doctor, blood thinner medication should be used to feed the tissue after the operation. When these recommendations are applied, the results will be satisfactory.


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