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Male Type Hair Loss

It is the most common type of hair loss. %95 of the man, %50 of women face “man type” hair loss. It begins with the head’s peak and goes on with losing the front line of the head.  Hair begins to become thinner.  Thus, this area becomes balder. This process goes on for a long time and continues until the hair is only in the neck area. In recent years, the “male type hair loss” age is fallen at the age of 18’s. The biggest reason for this kind of hair loss is changing over of the hormone of Testosterone, which is an Androgenic Hormone. It converted itself to a DHT hormone enzyme which is known as Testosterone 5-Alfa Reductaz. This hormone sends a signal to the hair which is making them weak, and causes to hair loss. As a result of this hormonal stimulus, inflammation occurs. The veins in that place become narrower. Hair will get weak and completely falls. There will be no more hair in that place due to the connective tissue placed in there.” Male type hair loss” is the most common hair loss reason which is about %80, due to this, it takes first place among hair loss.

Hair loss due to the Medicines used

The most negative effect of hair loss is the medicines used in chemotherapy. In addition to that, birth control pills, the medicines used in the treatment of Acne, and steroids cause hair loss. Using narcotic drugs are also quite effective in hair loss. These drugs should be used under the doctor’s advice and it is necessary to avoid all of these.


Diets applied unconsciously, consuming less Vitamin A and minerals are also the causes of hair loss.  Iron deficiency also triggers hair loss. A healthy and balanced diet prevents hair loss due to the nutrition-caused type of hair loss.


It has been detected that psychological and physical traumas trigger hair loss.


In some pregnant, hair loss can be caused due to osteogenic hormone fluctuation. After giving birth, when the estrogen becomes in normal levels, then hair loss cures by itself.


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