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How to Plan Your Hairline During Hair Transplant?

How to Plan Your Hairline During Hair Transplant?

One of the most important things in a hair transplant is hairline. Almost all of the patients want to have a natural hairline. But, in some cases, patients might have some sort of doubt in this process. In fact, one of the most important steps for a good hairline is good planning.

Also, the skills of the doctor plays an important role to plan the hairline. An unnatural looking hairline will often mean an unsuccessful operation. In all hair implant operations, the ultimate purpose is to achieve a natural look. So, planning and application plays an important role for the hairline.

How Is Hairline Planned in Hair Transplant?

There are some factors to be considered when planning hairline. And these factors are important for the success of the hair transplant. If doctor does not make a good planning and preparation, results of the operation might be poor. So, doctor needs to consider some things during planning.

Natural Hairline in Hair Transplant

In some cases, patient might lose the natural hairline. But in these cases, hair near the ears are probably sill there. So, the doctor will take this hair as a guideline. And the natural hairline for hair transplant will be planned based on this hair near the ear.

Consider Patient Expectations

In most cases, it is important to know what the patient wants. Sometimes the expectations of the patients might be too high. In these cases, doctors have an important role to play. High expectations might lead to frustration at the end. So, before hair transplant, doctor needs to talk to the patient. The doctor needs to explain what to expect. Also, the doctor needs to explain the natural looking results.

Symmetrical Hairline Planning

Another thing in terms of hairline is symmetry. Naturally, our hairline has a sort of symmetry. So, the left hand side of our hair is similar to the right hand side of our hair. So, in hair transplant, doctor needs to preserve this symmetrical look. Sometimes they can use a laser pointer. This laser pointer will help planning a symmetrical hairline on the left and right hand side.

Consider Face Structure

When planning hairline, doctor needs to consider the face structure. Some people have round face. And others might have a square face. In hair transplant, doctors should form the hairline accordingly. If a hairline for a round face is applied to square face, the results might be unsuccessful. The same thing goes for the other case. So, it is important to plan the hairline for the face type.

When all of these factors are considered, the hairline will look natural after the hair transplant operations. Also, it is important to work with expert doctors. As doctors gain experience, they plan the hairline in a natural way.

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