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Hair Transplant Surgery: Do You Need It?

Hair Transplant Surgery: Do You Need It?

You might be experiencing hair loss. And you might even consider hair transplant surgery. But there is one question you need before deciding to have hair transplant surgery: do you need it?

Answer to this questions depends on various factors. You need to consider your reasons for having this surgery. Also, you need a detailed examination to determine the main cause of your hair loss. All of these factors play an important role on your hair transplant decision.

What Is Causing Hair Loss?

First thing you need to do is learn the underlying reason for your hair loss. If it is caused by some skin disease or if your hair loss is stress-related, you might not need an operation. Treating these conditions will decrease your hair loss problem.

In this case, you might start with a simple blood test. This blood test can reveal your hormone levels. If you have hormonal imbalances, you need to address these problems first. Treating hormonal problems might even completely stop your hair loss.

If your hair loss is stress-related, you need to decrease your stress levels. Changing your lifestyle will help you solve this problem. Adopting a healthier diet might even reduce your hair loss problem.

Is Your Age Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Although there is no strict age limit for hair transplant, doctors often prefer to wait until 28. In your early 20s, you might experience severe hair loss. But this hair loss will continue until your mid-30s. If you have your hair transplant at early ages, you might not have the results you want when you reach your 30s.

Doctors recommend waiting until your hair loss completely stops. This way, best hair transplant can be planned and hair grafts can be collected accordingly.

Is Your Hair Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Another factor is your hair quality and hair density. You need to have hair in your donor area which is the back of your head. Additionally, your hair quality plays an important role. You need to consult to your doctor and decide based on his/her recommendations. In some cases, doctors might recommend using another donor region like chin or chest.

Are You Uncomfortable with Your Look?

This is the most important factor in your decision. Some men love and embrace their bald look. If you are happy with your look, you don’t need hair transplant. But if you are depressed or frustrated because of your look, then you should definitely consider hair transplant.

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