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Hair Transplant in Turkey vs. the USA.

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs Usa

Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most preferred opportunities in the country in terms of medical tourism. Turkey is also one of the most popular countries where hair transplantation is performed annually. Hair transplant in Turkey opportunities has started to become popular in many parts of the world, leaving many western countries behind. In this article, we want to discuss hair transplants in Turkey vs. the USA

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs. the USA

Hair transplant is one of the most popular aesthetic applications of recent years. Hair loss is one of the situations faced by many people in the world. Both genetic factors and the stress of city life can lead to hair loss. The fact that this problem is seen in too many people has caused the number of hair transplant clinics to increase significantly.

Turkey and the USA are some of the countries that provide service in the field of hair transplant and have many quality clinics. Based on this, we wanted to make a comparison of hair transplants in Turkey and the USA.

1-    Turkey and USA Price Comparison

When it comes to hair transplants, the first thing that comes to mind is clinical prices. In this regard, Turkey is a point that should be evaluated separately from all other countries. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable as it is evaluated in the Turkish Lira. As a hair transplant in Turkey costs information, it can be given that it is approximately $10,000 cheaper than the USA.

More than one session is required for the hair transplant procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to take steps with price information.

2-    Hair Transplant Clinic Facilities

Hair transplant in Turkey is a prominent application in terms of clinic facilities. Some additional payments may also be included in this service provided by USA clinics. For example, accommodation and some additional services during the hair transplant process can also strain the budget. In Turkey, the situation is slightly different. All-inclusive packages are available at the clinics included in the best clinic for hair transplant in Turkey lists.

All-inclusive packages also include other additional payments that will be needed during accommodation and surgery. These specially prepared packages are also very affordable compared to other countries. You can choose the most suitable one for your budget from the list of hair transplants in Turkey’s best clinics.

3-    Number of Clinics

Hair transplant in Turkey is an application that surpasses its competitors in terms of the number of clinics. Hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul is one of the cities with the largest clinical capacity in this field. In addition to Istanbul, hair transplant services are also offered in metropolitan cities such as Izmir and Ankara.

The USA is a highly developed country in terms of the number of clinics. There are clinics serving in the field of hair transplants in many central points of the country. Especially Miami and Washington DC are very rich regions in terms of hair transplant clinics.

Why Is Hair Transplant in Turkey the Best?

Hair transplant in Turkey has the best quality and affordable service in the world. Opportunities offered by Turkish clinics are ideal, especially for those coming from countries outside of Turkey. Hair transplant procedures, which are both sterile and of high quality, are performed by experts. Many health professionals who are experts only in the field of hair transplant work in Turkey.

Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the frequently preferred applications for medical tourism. This application, which is popular all over the world, also provides many foreign tourists to come to Turkey. The density of foreign tourists also makes the country pay extra attention to a hair transplant.

Among the hair transplant services provided in Turkey, there are also FUE, DHI, and FUT hair transplant options. Of these three techniques, the most suitable one is preferred and the transplant process is started. The transplant process is applied in more than one session, differing from person to person.

These services for women and men also include transplant procedures such as eyebrows, mustaches, and beards. These services provided in Turkey are also regularly inspected by the country’s Ministry of Health.


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