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FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

FUE hair transplant is the most common hair restoration methods. As medical technology advanced, new and modern hair transplant methods are developed. Currently, more and more people are choosing this operation to restore their hair. Since FUE results are permanent, hair transplant is considered as a solution to hair loss.

Before deciding to have your surgery, you need to learn about FUE hair transplant advantages. This way, your operation decision will be easier. Also, you will know what to expect after your surgery. When you choose a skilled doctor and best hair transplant clinic, you will enjoy new, strong and permanent hairline.

Natural Looking Hair with FUE Hair Transplant

One of the main concerns about hair transplant is natural looking hair. One of the main FUE hair transplant advantages is achieving natural looking hair. In the past, hair transplant results were not as natural as desired. As cosmetic surgery field has advanced, doctors are now performing operations with better results.

In FUE transplant method, hair grafts are collected one by one. Also, each hair graft is implanted separately. This enables doctors to create natural looking hairline. When combined with doctor’s skills and experience, FUE method produces natural results.

Scar Free Operation

Another advantage of this hair transplant method is not having any postop scarring. Scarring can be a huge problem. In most surgeries, there is scarring due to sutures. But in case of cosmetic surgeries, scarring is something undesired.

FUE hair transplant has no scarring. In the past, there was scarring in hair transplant with FUT method. Because in FUT method, hair strips were collected. After these strips are collected, doctor would suture the back of the head. This suturing caused scarring. With current methods, there is no suturing. After crusts are healed, no one will understand you had hair transplant operation.

Fast Recovery

FUE method will enable fast recovery. Patients can go back to their normal life just in 3 days. After 7 to 10 days, patients will even forget they had hair transplant operation. Although full hair growth will take up to 1 year, all restrictions will be gone after 2 or 3 months.

Permanent Results

Once you have your FUE hair transplant surgery, results will be permanent. After full hair growth, your new hair will not fall. For this reason, hair transplant is considered as a permanent solution to hair loss and baldness. If you take care of your new hair during recovery, your hair transplant results will be successful.


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