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Eyebrow Transplant for Fuller Eyebrow

Eyebrow Transplant for Fuller Eyebrow

Our eyebrows are the most important components of our face. They frame our face and gives us attractive looks. But in some cases, our eyebrows might fall. Eyebrow transplant is designed to solve eyebrow loss problem.

We all know that women pluck their eyebrows. Excessive plucking can lead to bald areas in eyebrow. Or trauma or burns in both women and men can lead to eyebrow loss. This will create unattractive look. Also, it is challenging to apply make-up every day to make your eyebrows look fuller.

What Is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is a method to relocate hair roots to eyebrow area. This transplant offers permanent solution to eyebrow loss problem. In this procedure, hair roots are collected from patient’s own hair. These roots can be collected either from back of the head or from back of the ear.

Each collected hair root is implanted to bald region. Before implanting process, doctor will design the new eyebrow look. Since new eyebrow design is possible, patient can also choose this operation to reshape their eyebrow.

Implanting can be done with DHI method. In this method, hair roots are collected and implanted with same tools. These tools are CHOI pens. Also, hair roots can be collected with FUE method and transplanted with special fine-tipped tools.

How Needs Eyebrow Transplant?

Both men and women can have eyebrow transplant. If you are experiencing eyebrow loss problem, this operation can offer you permanent solution. But you need to have active blood circulation around your eyebrow.

Our hair roots are nourished with blood. This is the case for our hair, eyebrow, beard, moustache and all other hair roots. Without blood circulation, hair roots cannot grow. So, new hair roots implanted with eyebrow transplant will also need blood circulation.

Some trauma might cause loss of blood circulation. In case of burn related eyebrow loss, doctor will assess the patient. If there is no problem, that patient can be a candidate for eyebrow surgery.

Eyebrow Operation

Eyebrow operation is similar to hair transplant operation. In eyebrow surgery, local anaesthesia is applied to operation area. But eyebrow operation often lasts shorted than hair transplant. Collected hair roots are implanted to bald eyebrow areas.

After this operation, patients need to taka care of their new eyebrow. It is important to quit smoking for successful healing process. Also, patients need to protect their eyebrow. After eyebrow transplant, patients can only shave their eyebrow by shaving. Plucking is forbidden.

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