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Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Transplant

eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows are important for women. Every women wants them to look perfect. But in most cases, it is impossible to have the perfect eyebrow arch. Especially if a women overplucked her eyebrows. In this case, only solution might be an eyebrow transplant.
Plucking the eyebrows was a huge trend in the 90s. So, most women followed this trend. But once you pluck your eyebrow too much, it will never grow back. And in this case, you will have gaps in your eyebrow. Or you might have extremely thin eyebrow.
As thicker eyebrows are more popular now, everyone wants that fuller look. So, women are trying different methods to achieve the eyebrow look they want. There are three main methods. These are drawing eyebrow, microblading and eyebrow transplant. Each method has a unique advantage. But the only permanent solution is to transplant eyebrow. Other two options only offer temporary results.

Other Eyebrow Shaping Alternatives

Drawing eyebrow as a daily make-up routine is he number of solution. But this takes time and women need to repeat it every day. And these eyebrows do not resist water. So when you sweat or when you swim, your eyebrow disappears.
Other options is microblading. This method can be thought as a type of tattoo. But it is not exactly like a tattoo. The colour is similar to natural eyebrow colour. And the look is more natural than having an eyebrow tattoo. Special semi-permanent colouring pigments are selected for application.
Since semi-permanent pigments are used, this processes needs to be repeated. Depending on the skin type, people need to repeat it at least once a year. For oil skin, this might be once in every 6 months.
On the other hand, eyebrow transplant offers a permanent solution. After the full recovery, eyebrows will be there. And there will be no need to repeat the process.

Eyebrow Transplant for Permanent Solution

Eyebrow transplant is a surgical operation. This operation is developed from hair transplant. Like hair transplant, hair roots are implanted to eyebrow area. Since it is permanent, more and more women are choosing this procedure. Also, men with eyebrow gaps commonly opt for this transplant as well.
Since the patient’s own hair is used, there is no colour mismatch. And it is possible to create the desired eyebrow design. Before an eyebrow transplant, doctor will design and plan the new shape. In this case, it is possible to have a higher arch or a fuller look.
For this transplant, FUE Sapphire method is preferred. Hair roots are collected from the back part of the head near the neck. Then, the canals for the grafts are created by Sapphire pen and the grafts are implanted to eyebrow region.

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