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Do You Need a Beard Transplant?

beard transplant

Men love their hair, beard and moustache. They are the best accessories for them. Just like women take care of their hair, men take care of their hair and beard. Without their beard, majority of men might even feel like they are naked.

However, some men might not have the full beard look they have always wanted. In this case, beard transplant can help them to have an amazing looking beard.

In most cases, both beard and moustache transplant can be done in one single operation. There is no need to plan two different operations. In fact, it is even better to have them at the same time.

So, this way, beard and moustache will complement each other. When it comes to beard transplant, there are different procedure. It is possible to create a new beard line. Or it is possible to fill the gaps. Or is it possible to have a fuller beard even though there are no gaps.

So, the operation is planned based on the needs of the patient. For the moustache, generally, gaps are filled. In some cases, a fuller moustache look is achieved as well.

Why Have a Beard Transplant Operation?

First and the most important reason for a beard transplant is to have better look. So, majority of the operations are for aesthetic purpose. But some operation are made for medical purpose as well.

Some men might have gaps due to burns or other accidents. These gaps in the beard can be filled with beard implant. Also, it is possible to make a brand new design for the beard. In this case, beard line is shaped.

People might want higher beard line. Or in some cases, they want cleaner beard line cut. Another benefit is to solve the beard loss problem. In any case, beard transplant will help you to achieve the look in your dreams. Who does not want to look handsome, right?

Is Beard Transplant and Hair Transplant Different?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. Basically, one operation is for hair and the other one is for beard. So, the operation locations are natural different.

But beard transplant is operated with DHI (direct hair transplant). And this method is highly common in hair implant operations as well. So, the application is similar to hair transplant. In beard transplant, the hair roots are collected from the back part of the ear.

The hair roots can be collected from the back of right and left ear. The hair colour fits better when roots are collected from this region. After hair collection, the roots are implanted with special CHOI pens. Both hair collection and implant are done with this pen. So, beard transplant is often faster than hair transplant.


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