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Effects of Caffeine on Hair

Effects of Caffeine on Hair

Everyone loves coffee. And you will enjoy drinking coffee more when you hear beneficial effects of caffeine on hair. Still, you need to avoid overconsumption. As in everything else, if you consume too much coffee, you might experience other health problems. Excessive coffee and caffeine might cause heart beats problems and sleeping deficiencies.

When you consume this delicious drink carefully and regularly, you will start to see that it will help your hair look much better. In addition to drinking, you can topically apply coffee on your hair. Let’s see how caffeine can benefit your hair.

Caffeine Promotes Hair Growth

One of the amazing benefits of caffeine is that it promote hair growth. If you want to have long and shiny hair, drinking one cup of coffee everyday can help you achieve that. Experts state that caffeine shortens hair growth cycle.

Shorter hair growth cycle will make your hair longer in a short time. Also, caffeine increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation will help carrying nutrition to your hair roots. These nutrition include beneficial vitamins and minerals. Your hair roots will grow stronger when these vitamins and minerals are delivered with faster blood circulation.

Relationship Between Caffeine and Hair Loss

Experts found a strong relationship between caffeine and male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, which is one of the most common problems among men, is caused by high amount of DHT hormone. Known as dihydrotestosterone, this DHT hormone accumulates at hair roots.

Such accumulation prevents nutrition, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for hair growth to be delivered to hair roots. Over time, hair roots become weaker and start to fall. Experts showed that caffeine helps reducing DHT hormone in the blood. This way, caffeine contributes preventing hair loss.

Hair Products with Caffeine

If you are not a coffee fan, there are some alternative methods to benefit from caffeine. There are different shampoos, hair masks and hair conditioners on the market than contain caffeine. You can apply caffeine topically and achieve amazing results.

When you use these caffeine containing products in your daily hair care routine, you will start to see a difference. If you can’t find these products on the market, you can always make your own DIY caffeine shampoo or hair mask. All you need to do is mix grinded coffee in your shampoo or hair mask and apply it on your hair. Caffeine will make your hair look shiner and stronger.

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