What is FUT Technique?

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a technique that was laid aside by experts with upon the development of hair transplantation technology, therefore we do not use it as Estenbul Health due to its disadvantages. In this technique, a part of hairy skin is extracted in strip form based on the number of grafts required from the area where the hair is most abundant and strong, that is the back of neck, between two ears. After that, the grafts (hair follicles) on this part of hairy skin are extracted and prepared for transplantation. Meanwhile, the gap where the skin was extracted on the back of the neck is covered with aesthetic suture. FUT Technique has a long recovery period since the skin is directly cut and sutured. A horizontal suture trace is left on the area of skin extraction after the application. The biggest disadvantage of the FUT technique is this suture trace that cannot recover completely after the operation and is clearly visible especially in short hair models.

FUT Procedure

Disadvantages of FUE Technique

  • There will be a large number of ingrown hairs during the hair growth.
  • In FUT Technique, all quality and non-quality hairs on the extracted skin part are transplanted since they are extracted from the back of neck in strips.
  • In this method, a suture trace of 15-20 cm is left on the extraction spot since skin is extracted with grafts and suture is applied on such spot.
  • 300-500 ml of bleeding occurs when hairy skin part is being extracted from the back of neck.
  • In FUT Technique, returning back to work can take up to 10-15 days.
  • In this technique, maximum 40-60 follicles per square centimeter can be transplanted.
  • Hair follicles look hollow.
  • Hairs are transplanted on the skin with 90 degree angle and grow straight.
  • Top area widens by 20-30 square centimeter since the application is performed as skin transplant.
  • Grafts can be only transplanted to the area with complete hair loss. Otherwise exhisting hair will fall out for a while too
  • There will be a sense of numbness on the back of neck for 4-8 months.
  • Approximately 80% of the hairs extracted can be transplanted; about 15-30% dies during picking stage.
  • High amounts of anesthetic medicine is administered to the person to prevent feeling pain.
  • Operation process is painful and inflammation risk is high.
  • Wounds on the area where the skin is extracted must be dressed for 10-15 days after the operation.