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How Hair Follicles Are Implanted in Hair Operation?

how hair follicles are implanted in hair operation

Hair transplant is now a common operation. Most people are having this operation to say goodbye to hair loss. Hair loss and bald areas on the head can cause a problem. And this problem is especially on the psychological side. So, new hair follicles will help decreasing this problem.

In general, hair loss can have thousands of different reasons. It might be due to genetics. Or it might be due to stress. Or in some cases it might be due to environmental conditions. No matter what the cause is, hair loss is stressful. And people feel anxious when they see tons of hair in their hand.

With advancement in technology, it is now possible to say goodbye to this problem. Since 1980s, hair transplant operation is in our life. But this operation transformed until now. And it still continues to evolve. So, now this operation is like an everyday application. In hair transplant, hair follicles are implanted to bald areas.

What Are Hair Follicles?

In fact, hair follicles are often known as hair strands. But these follicles might have one to three hair roots. So, a combination of hair roots is often called follicles. The number of hair roots in a follicle depends on genetics. So, while a person can have one hair root in a follicle, other person might have three. Or another person might have two hair roots in a follicle. But the maximum numbers of hair roots in a follicle is three. There are no more than three hair roots in a hair follicle.

How Hair Follicles Are Collected?

In hair transplant, hair follicles  are collected for the transplant operation. There are different collection methods. But the most popular practice is FUE. FUE is the short form of follicular hair unit. In collection process, these follicles are collected from the patient. So, all the new hair belongs to the patient.

Hair follicle collection process is the first step in a hair implant operation. For this procedure, special punch motors are used. These are handheld medical devices. A punch motor will make a punch and collect the hair follicle. Each follicle is collected separately. And this procedure is known as FUE collection.

Hair Follicle Implanting

After collecting hair follicles, the next step is preparation and implant. Before the implant step, the follicles are prepared. The tissue and blood around the follicles are cleaned. Cleaning process needs a special solution. Hair follicles are stored in this special solution when the implant site is prepared.

For hair implant, there are two methods that can be combined with FUE. These are Slit and Sapphire. After opening special canals on the implant area, prepared follicles are placed. Each follicle is places inside a canal. After that, the hair transplant operation is complete.

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