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Everything About DHI Hair Transplant

Everything About DHI Hair Transplant

Known as Direct Hair Implant, DHI Hair Transplant is one of the most popular hair transplant applications in Turkey. People who are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning due to hormonal or genetic factors are commonly choosing successful hair transplant methods.

In various foreign countries, Turkey is accepted as a hair transplant center. Istanbul is highlighted with numerous successful hair transplant operations and hair transplant clinics. Processes that applied by expert doctors in their field can help anyone to have the hair they have always dreamed of.

As hair transplant operations become popular, methods are developing. Among these methods developed by technological innovations, DHI hair transplant gains attention. DHI hair transplant technique is only a transplant technique and after examination, this method is commonly applied to hair without serious hair loss, and especially to front-line hair transplant in female patients.

How is DHI hair transplant applied?

Contrary to opening channels, in DHI hair transplant applications microchannel is opened, and hair transplant is simultaneous and with special equipment, grafts are placed when channels are opened.

Istanbul hair transplant centers are popular among foreigners in addition to patients in Turkey. Various people visit Istanbul for hair transplant in addition to the holiday. At the same time, innovations in hair transplant are continuous.

As one of the technological innovations, DHI hair transplant is one of the preferred methods in Turkey and around the world, based on the hair structure of the patient. People who decided to have a hair transplant can contact our clinic, have free hair analysis, and request for consultancy.

Experts in our clinic analysis your hair and decides which method will be more beneficial. With developed techniques, our patients in foreign countries can send their photos and our experts can analyse from these photos.

After obtaining information such as the structure of hair, hair loss potential, donor area, and quality of donor hair transplant area is determined, and the procedure starts. Local anesthesia is applied to the transplanted area, and pain or ache are prevented.

Grafts or hair roots needed for hair transplant are collected from the back of the head.

During graft taking steps, some tissue is also taken with roots. This way, quality of grafts can be maintained, and life of grafts are longer. However, for more effective transplant, grafts are kept in a solution for a certain period.

No channels are opened to the transplant area. With special pens called Choi pen, hair roots are placed inside this pen and hair transplant is completed. Grafts are developing fats and increasing the quality of hair roots.

Recovery Period and Advantages

DHI procedure is applied to the hairy tissue and front hairline.  In 2 weeks, new hair starts to fall, and after some time, new hair will start to grow within 3 months. On 6th month, almost half of transplanted hair grows.

DHI method is arduous and long, but the main advantage is there is incision or suture mark. This shortens the recovery period. Since special needles place hair roots in a compact way, results are more natural.

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