Akon Spent 7,500 Dollars on Hair Transplant in Turkey

Akon Hair Transplant in Turkey

Famous American singer Akon also preferred Turkey for hair transplant. Actually, it wasn’t much of a surprise. Today, the only country that comes to mind when talking about hair transplant is Turkey. Akon also came to Turkey for this procedure and did not just have a hair transplant. He said he had his teeth done too.

Akon in Turkey for Hair Transplant

Saying that he had a hair transplant in Turkey, American singer Akon said that Turkey is very good in hair transplant and dental treatment.

Akon, who made a statement because of the comments from his followers after the photos he shared on social media, announced that he had a hair transplant. Speaking about the straightness in the front of his hair, Akon said, “I had hair transplant abroad.”

How much did Akon pay for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Participating in the podcast program of the host Bootleg Kev, Akon noted that he paid 7 thousand 500 dollars for the hair transplant surgery in Turkey. He stated that the same treatment cost about 50 thousand dollars in the USA, and therefore he received treatment in Turkey.

Explaining that he lost almost all of his front hair at the beginning of the process, Akon also stated that the process was not painful.

Who is Akon?

The stage name of the artist, whose real name is Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, is Akon. His love of music was passed on to him from his father. His father is a jazz percussionist. The 2005 single Lonely hit #1 in the UK, Australia and Germany. The artist, who has been nominated for Grammy awards many times, has never won an award.

Akon Hair Transplant Before and After

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