What is Beard Transplant ?

Beard is an important accessory in male appearance. Having a beard shave every day can be hard for many people, but never having a beard can cause social difficulties in men.

The lack of hormones that increase the quality of the beard hair is a common cause of lack of beard root that can develop in that region. Hormone deficiency or absence may cause beard with hormone therapy, but it may not always be successful, beard broth is not possible, or drug treatment is not possible.

Hair Transplant Result Turkey

The most effective and correct solution in the treatment is beard transplant. Roots taken from the donor area must be ımplanted in the natural area in the designated area in the beard. Beard transplant is not like hair transplant , details are very important. The transplanted root should be planted parallel to the hair existed in that beard with a 30-40 degree angle.

What is the Scar Revision?

Hair scarring and scar tissue in the hair of the hair region is made to make the person psychological relaxation and natural appearance is achieved. It is not possible to destroy the traces in the region, but the traces can be completely closed with the bristles.

The disappearance of the wounds and burn marks in the areas where the head, eyebrow, mustache, beard, etc. can visually affect the person will not only attract the attention of the people but also gain the confidence of the person. With the Fue method used in hair transplantation, you can easily get rid of this troubles which visually affect you by taking only a few hours. You will experience a comfortable operation process in the presence of local anesthesia and you can return to your social life in a few days.

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