Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

When today’s understanding of flawless beauty is combined with developing technology, it has become possible to find a solution to almost all of them.

When it comes to physical appearance developing methods quickly offer solutions to aesthetic concerns such as excess weight, sectional anointment, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Arm Lift in Turkey | Plastic Surgery

Turkey’s success in this regard is well known throughout the world. Almost all the cosmetic surgery operations in Turkey guarantees a 100% satisfaction. We as Estenbul Health will answer every question you could have about the arm lift surgery in this article.

The human body cannot resist time and gravity forever so sagging on the skin begins to appear. When it comes to sagging on skin usually the face lift operation comes to mind although cosmetic surgery on all body parts and especially arm lift surgery is widely preferred.

Turkey’s success in all the aspects of plastic surgery all over the globe in recent years has become a topic to talk about and arm lift operations in general has achieved extensive success in this regard. Located among the metropolises of the world, the success about tummy tuck operations of many clinics and specialist physicians in Istanbul are also generating many success stories that are increasing by the day.

Although many natural methods and cosmetic products have offered treatment for the skin tightening and to prevent sagging, unfortunately, these problems usually progress to a certain point and is then permanent and there have been no definitive solutions.

One of the most frequently asked questions about sagging on the arms is; does working out fix this problem? Firstly, it should be known that sports activities are important in fit appearance, healthy way of life fat and balancing the fat and muscles in body. However, for a skin that has lost its elasticity, unfortunately, sports will not yield the expected results. Although it is an important step for prevention, it eventually is replaced by surgical operations.

Arm Lift in Turkey

Arm lift surgeries are the most preferred after breast surgeries in cosmetic surgeries. As a matter of fact, arm sagging is especially important because it negatively affects people psychologically since it is usually visible.

Arm lift aesthetic operations performed are usually the most successful results in Turkey.

Since arm lift operation is also a surgical intervention, professional health institutions and specialist physicians in this field should be consulted. Turkey provides successful results in the field of arm stretching aesthetic operations, we as Estenbul Health are providing this service in Istanbul with our specialist physicians.

In arm lift procedures, like in abdominoplasty operations, the fat excesses in inner and back part of the arm are surgically removed. In some cases, depending on the amount of fat, a combined operation can be conducted along with liposuction.

Arm Lift Procedure Methods

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery is a preferred method treating the loosening that’s caused by sagging due to time or rapid weight gain or loss on arms and skin.

Arm Lift Surgery with Liposuction

If there is excessive amount of fat along with skin sagging or loosening in arm lift operations, it is possible to conduct both methods to get the best results. This way the fat in the area on the arms are removed while stretching is performed and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Will there be any scars after arm lift procedure?

Another question that is frequently asked before arm lift surgery is that ‘Will there be a scar that remains on the arm after the operation? “first, it should be known that a few small marks and scars are very usual after every surgery. However, when performed by the of experts and competent doctor these marks are too few to be seen and are hidden in the least visible on the inner part of the arm. The good news is that over time these marks visibility decreases, and physician guidance is especially important in this process. There are also some cosmetic products for helping to remove these scars.

Arm Lift in Turkey | Plastic Surgery Estenbul Health

Why Does Sagging Occur?

Sagging may occur as a result of the loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging.

Sagging of the skin may occur due to rapid weight gain and loss.

When people who do regularly work out stop those activities skin sagging also begins as a result of muscle loss.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

Although the operation time in arm lift aesthetics varies from person to person, its generally between 60 to 120 minutes. The methods being applied and the combined operations to be performed together, like liposuction, can affect the duration of the operation.

Is it Necessary to Stay in the Hospital After the Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgeries are performed by applying either local anesthesia or in some cases and general anesthesia. It depends on the patient and the doctor who is performing the operation and on which method is the surgery being performed. After general anesthesia staying in the hospital for 1 day may be required.
Plastic Surgery in Turkey | Arm Lift Estenbul Health

Recovery After The Arm Lift Surgery

As it is common in all surgical operations, after the operation there may be swelling, partial bruising and pain in certain areas of the arm. There is no need to panic in such situations, the swelling and bruising will be self-healing over time, in case there is any pain it would be best to use the drugs that are recommended by the doctors.

It is also recommended to wait at least 48 hours to take a bath after arm lift surgery and it is necessary to use a bandage for the first week afterwards.

It is important to take a break from alcohol and cigarette consumption after arm lift surgery, as it is in all other surgical operations.

Patients need to take a break from heavy physical and sports activities for 6 to 8 weeks after arm lift surgery however taking walks in this time are recommended.

At What Age Can The Arm Lift Surgeries Be Performed?

First of all, it should be known that arm lift operation is a surgical intervention, so it is important that the person’s physiological development has to be completed. Therefore, Arm lift surgery is not recommended in childhood because the physical development has not yet been completed.

Does Arm Lift Surgery Have Any Risks?

Arm lift surgery is an operation with minimum risks. Although there are general anesthesia risks as in all surgical operations, choosing a professional health institution will eliminate this risk.

The important detail in arm lift operations is the service of specialist physicians in the field, otherwise there is a risk of openings in the seams. Post-operative physician warnings should be given maximum attention.

Arm Lift in Turkey

Does Sagging Occur Again After Arm Lift Surgery?

The possibility of the arms to return to their previous state after arm lift surgery is minimal.

Since the sagging skin is intervened and fat tissues are removed from the area at the same time.

The formation of new fat cells is exceedingly rare.

Can Laser Epilation Be Done After Arm Lift Surgery?

It is possible to get laser epilation when the protection and recovery period is completed after arm lift surgery. It is possible to say that there is no harm in getting laser epilation. Beforehand, information should be given to the laser epilation center about you have had an arm lift surgery.

How Much Does Arm Lift Surgery Cost?

Almost all the cosmetic surgeries are planned individually. Therefore, it will be important to know what procedures will be performed. There are also considerations such as the amount of sagging in the skin, whether there is a combined procedure, hospital and physician fees, etc. It would not be right to claim that expensive clinics offer better results and to say that reasonably priced clinics produces yield unsuccessful results in arm lift operations. Turkey is one of the most successful countries in this the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery and offer more successful results compared to other countries. However, it is not possible to give exact information for pricing since preliminary pricing for arm lift operations are made by specialist physicians who determine the price based on examination and complications if there are any. Although many clinics seem to offer a fixed price, these prices are likely to change afterwards. Since each individual is different their arm lift operation prices will be different, therefore, to offer a fixed price is both not possible and not right. You can contact us to make an appointment to free preliminary examination and ask everything you wonder about arm lift aesthetics to health care professionals and our specialist physicians in this field in Turkey.

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