What is facial hair and moustache transplant?

Facial hair, beard and moustache transplant is transplanting the grafts (hair follicles) extracted with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique from the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, that is the back of neck between the ears (if required, from the chest and from under the chin for men)to gaps in facial hair and moustache with one of transplantation techniques called “DHI“, “Sapphire” or “Slit“in a way to obtain a natural and realistic look. Facial hair and moustache transplant is especially preferred by men who do not have facial hair and moustache or whose facial hairs and moustache are completely or partially lost, and it is the application that requires more caution and care compared to other hair follicle transplants.

Hair Transplant Result Turkey

How is facial hair and moustache transplant applied?

Our experts determine the facial hair and moustache line that suits you the best, the number of grafts and the application plan.

The area of application is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied to prevent you from feeling any pain. Local anesthesia is performed by injecting the active substance to the relevant areas by an ultra-fine tip needle. For those who are afraid of needle, there is a very easy and painless alternative. It ensures that the active substance penetrates the skin painlessly thanks to a pressured spraying process, we apply the needle required for anesthesia after that area becomes numb. In this way, you don’t feel any pain.

We extract the grafts from the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, that is the back of neck between two ears. You don’t feel anything because this area is completely numb. If we need more grafts, we can extract grafts from the chest or from under the chin (applicable for men). The FUE Technique where the grafts are extracted one by one provides us with this possibility in a highly aesthetic way.

We transplant the grafts we extract with the most suitable density and angle over facial hair and moustache line under local anesthesia as identified by facial features of the person by using “DHI”, “Sapphire” or “Slit” technique. We recommend FUE Sapphire Technique our guests who want eyebrow transplant since we get the most aesthetic and health results infacial hair and moustache transplant with this technique. If there is partial facial hair and moustache loss, transplant process takes 2 to 4 hours.

Transplanted facial hair and moustache grow within six. You will achieve the natural facial hair and moustache you dream of in about one year.