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Главный офис: Cihannuma Mah. Akdoğan Sok, No: 45/2 Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey

Больница: Levent Mah. Yeni Sülün Sok. No:13, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
Телефон: +90 (542) 338 1865
Whatsapp : +90 (542) 338 1865
Электронное письмо: info@estenbulhealth.com

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Отзывы о пересадке волос Estenbul Health в Турции

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Прочтите, что говорят наши пациенты

5 star review  This is a review on my experience with booking an appointment and not the treatment as I have not yet had it yet. I had the pleasure to talk to the medical consultant Ms Dilara who was a breath of fresh air. I've encountered many people with excellent customer service previously but nothing like what Dilara is; she is simply superb. I was super delighted with her perfect English language (both spoken and written) something you rarely find in Turkey. She also has excellent communication skills, very friendly nature, and understanding of patient's needs. I am extremely pleased to have spoken to her. She just made my day and I hope the treatment goes as smoothly and professional as Dilara !!!

thumb Khuzama Nashawati
16 июня, 2021

5 star review  I did the FUE transplant 3 days ago. Got 4400 grafts. The Doctor is really meticulous. He made me an impressive hairline on the forehead. The overall result seems really great but I wont know for sure until the hair grows in a few months. The service has been IMPECCABLE. They really reassured me on whatsapp and followed me every step of the way. I have another appointment in 10 months for a 2nd part. Really looking forward to coming back! Also the hotel is great.

thumb Yohan Medalsy
19 апреля, 2021

5 star review  Hello everyone. I am a REAL recent patient at Sapphire Hair Transplant. My review is authentic and genuine. If you are interested in coming to the sapphire hair transplant clinic. I strongly recommend this clinic at Estenbul Health. My experience was wonderful and and satisfying. The professional and skillful staff here insured my treatment for FUE was safe and effective. And the day after I felt great! The operation was smoothly completed.

thumb D A
14 апреля, 2021

5 star review  I had confidence and fears about my hair transplant. but Mr. Güven and his team have done great things in my hair. I did not feel any pain or ache. I definitely recommend it. I wish their success.

thumb Onur Arabaci
10 марта, 2021