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Причины выпадения волос

Receding hairline

Hair loss is a common and frustrating problem. Losing your hair at an early age can have negative impacts on your life. You might feel insecure or you might feel uncomfortable about how you look. This problem can be seen in both men and women. Also, you can lose your hair at any age.

Before considering hair transplant as a permanent solution, you need to understand the main reason for your hair falling. There are different causes and some of them can be treated without hair transplant. But in some cases, you only solution to restore your hair is hair transplant operation.

Genetic Factors

Genetic factors play an important role on hair loss. If you have family members with this problem, you will probably experience this problem. Also, genetic factors are key components about when you hair will start to fall. If individuals in your family experienced hair loss at an early age, you might also experience at an early age.

There is only one solution to permanently solve genetic-related loss of hair. You need to have a hair transplant surgery. In some cases, doctor might chose medication treatment. But this often provides temporary solution.

External Factors

External factors such as pollution can cause loss of hair. Generally, air pollution is one of the leading factors that trigger hair to fall. Our hair roots are nourished from inside and outside. For this reason, it is important to live in a clean environment to have strong hair roots.

Water pollution can also cause our hair to have brittle structure. Brittle hair tends to fall more than strong hair. In case of externa factors, your first step should be eliminating the source of pollution. Then, you need to wait for couple of months to see results. If your hair does not fall, that means your hair loss cause was external factors. But if continue to experience this problem, you might consult to a doctor.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress has negative impact on our mental and physical health. Increased stress levels might lead to hair loss. In fact, this is the reaction our body gives to stressful conditions. First, you need to eliminate stressful environment and conditions. This will probably stop your hair losing problem. If the problem still exists, you might consult to a doctor for alternative solutions. Your doctor will probably suggest hair transplant.

Medication Use and Certain Diseases

Certain diseases and medications can also cause hair loss. For example, chemotherapy will make your hair thinner and your hair will fall. When you treat this disease or stop using the medication, your hair will grow normally.