What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

In today’s conditions, although the understanding of beauty has brought with it the perfect appearance and even the golden ratio planning, in some cases, aesthetic concerns can reveal different requests. When it comes to the butt, although it has an appearance proportional to the body structure, the perfect appearance or the imagined fuller, steeper butt look has become possible with butt aesthetic operations. Compared to other aesthetic operations, it is among the most recently discovered and most popular surgical interventions of our time.

Thanks to the developing technology, it is possible to meet both the needs and the aesthetic demands beyond the needs in many ways.

Turkey is one of the places that has announced its success all over the world in butt aesthetics, which has become one of the top 3 most preferred operations among women all over the world. Estenbulhealt, located in Istanbul, Turkey, which provides 100% satisfaction in almost all aesthetic operations, answers all your questions about butt aesthetics.

As with many aesthetic operations, buttock aesthetics is an operation that is preferred primarily due to aesthetic concerns. In butt aesthetics, which includes many types; Different interventions such as butt reduction, butt enlargement, butt lift can be performed.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Istanbul

Buttock aesthetics can be preferred for many reasons such as regional lubrication, sagging due to aging, and disproportionate body lines. In particular, the hips are affected by sudden weight gain or deformity after pregnancy. In such cases, butt aesthetics is one of the fastest ways to reach a definitive solution.

Undoubtedly, a steeper, fuller butt is a look that every woman wants to achieve. Although many methods, natural remedies, ointments and creams have been developed from past to present, unfortunately the desired results have not been achieved.

Since butt aesthetics is also a surgical intervention, service should be obtained from professional health institutions and specialist physicians. While Turkey gives very successful results in butt aesthetics, we, as Estenbulhealth, provide services for butt aesthetics in Istanbul with our specialist physicians.

The question of whether a steeper and fuller butt can be obtained by doing sports is another question frequently asked by women. It is possible to shape the body by doing sports, but aesthetic operation is inevitable for a steeper fuller butt.

Buttock aesthetics may become a necessity in some cases due to health problems. For example, butt aesthetics can be preferred for the removal of congenital gait disorders or deformations that occur as a result of accident.

What are the Types of Buttock Aesthetics?

  • Butt reduction
  • Butt lift
  • Buttock augmentation or butt enlargement

What are Butt Aesthetics Methods?


Fat injection is a method often used in buttock augmentation aesthetic operations. It is the process of transferring the fat taken from the determined parts of the body with the liposuction technique to the upper areas where plumping is needed in the butt area. In the butt aesthetics method performed with fat injection, the hip and waist region are preferred for fat removal.


It is aimed to make the butt appear more upright and fuller with the preferred buttock prosthesis in cases where successful results cannot be obtained with fat injection. Buttock prostheses are placed between the hips with surgical operations, making it possible for the person to have a fuller butt.


Butt lift operation is a method applied especially to people who have lost their elasticity. Butt lift is preferred to eliminate the collapse and disproportionate appearance that occurs in the butt area together with other parts of the body in case of sudden weight gain or loss of weight. In butt lift operations, skin is removed from the buttocks and the hip area is pulled up with a sling. In some cases, a fuller appearance can be obtained with fat injection, but an upright appearance may not be obtained because the skin loses its elasticity.

What is Non-Surgical Buttock Aesthetics?

Butt lift, known as non-surgical butt lift aesthetics, is performed with water-based fillings. It is possible to say that the applied fillings, which are used to meet the demands such as butt enlargement and plumping, have a permanence of 4 to 6 years, although it varies from person to person.

Is There Any Scar After Butt Aesthetics?

In case of operation with fat injection technique in butt lift operations, there will be no scars. However, vague scars remain in butt aesthetic operations using butt prosthesis. In such operations, it is possible to have these traces at a minimum level if service is received from professional institutions and individuals.

Who Can Have Butt Aesthetics?

People who have sagging in the buttocks as in the general lines as a result of the loss of elasticity of the body due to aging.
People who are larger or smaller than their body lines
People with asymmetric butt structure
People with flat buttocks who want to look fuller
Every healthy individual who is not satisfied with the appearance of the butt in terms of aesthetics without any complaints can prefer butt aesthetics.

How Long Does Butt Aesthetic Surgery Take?

Unfortunately, it is not very possible and accurate to give a precise operation time in buttock aesthetic operations. However, in general, it is possible to say that these operations last between 1 and 3 hours. Which method will be used in butt lift operations and whether there are combined procedures affects the duration of the operation.

How Does the Butt Aesthetics Recovery Process Happen?

As with many aesthetic interventions, it is recommended that patients use a special corset for an average of 4 to 6 weeks after butt lift surgery.

Mild pain, bruising and edema seen in almost all surgical interventions after buttock aesthetics is quite normal and expected. In such cases, there is no harm in using antibiotics and painkillers with the advice of a physician.

It is recommended to take a break from sports activities for the first 2 months after butt lift surgery.

After butt aesthetics, it takes an average of 2 to 4 months to take the shape of the hip and achieve the dreamed butt appearance. During this period, the post-operative protection process is very important. And it is necessary to show maximum sensitivity.

It is recommended to lie face down for an average of 3 to 4 weeks after butt lift surgery.

It is recommended to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for a minimum of 2 and an average of 4 weeks after every surgical intervention, as well as after buttock aesthetic surgery.

Butt Lift Prices 2022

At the beginning of the most frequently asked questions of people who decide on butt aesthetics; There are questions such as “How much is butt aesthetics?” “Butt aesthetics in Turkey” “Butt aesthetics prices in Turkey” “Butt aesthetics prices in Istanbul”.

First of all, when butt aesthetics is mentioned, it is necessary to determine which procedure will be performed and which method will be used. In such cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear price before the preliminary examination. In some cases, the operation is successful with fat injection, while in some cases, buttock prosthesis is applied. For this reason, there are many variables that affect the price in butt lift operations.
Turkey, which is one of the most successful points of the world in aesthetic operations, offers very successful results in this sense. However, it is unfortunately not possible to give exact information for pricing. The right pricing for buttock aesthetics is determined by personalized planning in the preliminary examination performed by specialist physicians. While many clinics seem to offer fixed prices, prices are likely to change afterwards. For this reason, it is neither possible nor correct to give a clear answer to questions such as ‘Buttock aesthetics Turkey’, ‘Buttock surgery prices in Istanbul’ and ‘butt aesthetics prices in Turkey’.

You can contact us to get service by specialist physicians in professional health institutions in Turkey, to ask everything you wonder about butt aesthetics and to make a free pre-examination appointment.