What is FUE Sapphire Technique?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Sapphire Technique opens the micro channels where the grafts (hair follicles) will be placed are opened not by metal tips as in the Slit Technique, but by tips made of sapphire which is a highly precious diamond. Sapphire tips allow us to open channels that are smoother and smaller. This prevents crusting and ensures that there is no visible trace after the application. Grafts in FUE Sapphire Technique are taken by using FUE Technique as in other transplantation techniques.

How is FUE Sapphire Technique applied?

Planning and Consultation

Our experts determine the hairline that suits you the best, the number of grafts and the application plan. At this stage, it will be shown to you by our hairline specialist, which will be the most natural for you. The operation is started by making a number planning according to the number of grafts that can be taken from your donor area. You can ask all your questions before the procedure at this stage.


After the consultation is over, the first step is to take blood from you and check if there is any disease in your blood. If you have HIV-like illness, it is recommended that you notify in advance.

Preparation and Local Anesthesia

The area of application is sterilized, and local anesthesia is applied to prevent you from feeling any pain. Local anesthesia is performed by injecting the active substance to the relevant areas by an ultra-fine tip needle. For those who are afraid of needle, there is a very easy and painless alternative. It ensures that the active substance penetrates the skin painlessly thanks to a pressured spraying process, we apply the needle required for anesthesia after that area becomes numb. In this way, you don’t feel any pain.

of Grafts

We usually extract the grafts from the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, that is the back of head situated between two ears. You don’t feel anything because this area is completely numb. If we need more grafts, we can extract grafts from the chest or from under the chin (applicable for men). The FUE Technique where the grafts are extracted one by one provides us with this possibility in a highly aesthetic way.


At this stage where the FUE Sapphire Technique is activated and shows its difference, we open micro channels with sapphire tips in the direction of natural hair over the area where the grafts will be transplanted. Since you are under local anesthesia, you don’t feel anything during this process.

Transplantation Application

We transplant the grafts we extract with the most suitable density and angle over the designated area.

Post-Application Process

One or two days after operation, first washing process is conducted in our clinic by a team of experts. During the washing process, we inform you about how to wash your hair. We conduct exuviating wash 10 days after the application.


In this process, we recommend you to take vitamin supplements as well as ozone oil treatment. We suggest using ozonated oil treatment and vitamin supplement products within this process. During the 12-18 months of post-application process, we remain in communication with our guests, we provide the required support following all phases.

And The Result

We’re done now. Your transplanted hair will continue to grow from the 3rd to the 12th month and you will get the final result at the end of the 12th month. Staying in contact with us during this 9-month period will affect the result.

Advantages of FUE Sapphire Technique compared to other techniques

  • In FUE Sapphire Technique, state of the art technology product sapphire tip allows us to achieve far more healthier and more aesthetic results compared to the diamond tips we used until today. is a state-of-the-art sapphire tip, which allows us to achieve far more healthy and aesthetic results than the diamond tips we have used. Thanks to the sapphire tip which allows us to open smaller micro channels, there is almost no crusting in the area of hair transplantation and the healing process is much shorter.
  • With sapphire tips, we can open micro channels in the size of hair follicles. This allows more channels to be opened in the area of application and the hair follicles can be transplanted closer to each other. Therefore, a much more natural, dense and extensive appearance is achieved since transplantation in the designated are is performed more densely.
hair transplant result turkey
  • Since we can open channels in the size of the hair follicles, we can place the hair follicles in the channels with the most natural angle. This allows us to achieve a natural look and also prevents the possibility of follicles to be removed (that means the loss of transplanted hair) and the change in angle adjustment.
  • Another important advantage of this technique is that since the channels opened are very small, the tissues are healed quickly, and the skin is smoothly merged. One week after the application, there are no visible signs on the skin. Therefore, the FUE Sapphire Technique stands out in terms of being healthier as well as giving the most aesthetic results.

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