What is implant?

The implant is an artificial tooth root placed on the jawbone to build a denture on the point of missing tooth in cases of tooth loss due to various reasons. Made of Titanium which is a completely suitable material for human health, this artificial tooth root gives the opportunity to complete the missing tooth without touching the adjacent teeth in good state, especially in single tooth losses. In case of multiple teeth loss, fixed prosthesis can be used instead of removable prostheses thanks to the implant, thus ensuring quite comfortable and aesthetic results. Thanks to implant treatment, people who suffer from tooth loss can achieve aesthetic, natural looking and most importantly long-lasting and strong teeth as their own teeth.

How is implant applied?

We conduct the implant process under local anesthesia by fully anesthetizing the relevant area. This way, you do not feel pain. After the application, mild pain and swelling occurs. However, you get through this process in a comfortable way thanks to the painkillers recommended by our physicians and cold pack to be applied within the 24 hours. Complete integration of the implant may take 2 to 3 hours. This may sound a long time at first. However, we achieve highly aesthetic, natural, long lasting and healthiest results by this method. In order to achieve healthy results, it is highly important that you take the medicines prescribed before implant process in full and pay attention to your oral health by using antiseptic oral rinses afterwards. We complete the treatment by coating the teeth with porcelain veneers after the implants are integrated with the jawbone.

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