Facial Hair Transplant for Men

Facial Hair Transplant for Men Facial hair transplant is a transplant for men. This is about beard and moustache transplant. Men can experience beard or moustache for different reason. Such losses will decrease their self-confidence. So, they want to have an operation like beard transplant. When we talk about women, this operation might involve eyebrow [...]

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Affordable Options for Hair Transplant Abroad

Hair transplant can be expensive. Especially if you are living in the US or some European country. Additionally as various aesthetic operations, you might face some additional costs. However, most people are willing to bear the cost for better hair. But hair transplant abroad offers better prices for this operation. Increasing number of people are choosing different countries [...]

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Hair Transplant Recovery Process

Patients are curious about hair transplant recovery process after the surgery. Like all other cosmetic operation, you will need time after your hair transplant. Regardless of hair transplant method, your entire recovery process will take some time. Hair transplant offers permanent solution to hair loss. In most cases, hair loss can have negative psychological effects. For this [...]

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FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

FUE hair transplant is the most common hair restoration methods. As medical technology advanced, new and modern hair transplant methods are developed. Currently, more and more people are choosing this operation to restore their hair. Since FUE results are permanent, hair transplant is considered as a solution to hair loss. Before deciding to have your surgery, [...]

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